Lisa Emery

Lisa Emery (born January 29) is an American stage, film, and television actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Lisa Emery Filmography

movie 2013 Admission as Mrs. Pressman
movie 2009 Cold Souls as Cynthia
movie 2007 Margot at the Wedding as Woman with Dog
movie 2006 Brother's Shadow as Sylvia
movie 2006 Champions as Kris
movie 2006 The Night Listener as Darlie Noone
movie 2003 Marci X as Parent
movie 2002 People I Know as Elsa Nye
movie 2002 Roger Dodger as Woman in Bar
tv movie 2002 Stage on Screen: The Women as Nancy Blake
movie 2002 Unfaithful as Beth
tv movie 2001 Far East as Julia Anderson
movie 1999 A Map of the World as Susan Durkin
movie 1998 Harvest as Alice Yates
movie 1997 In & Out as Classroom Reporter
movie 1994 Wolf as Party Guest
movie 1990 How to Be Louise as Nancy
tv movie 1988 Doubletake as Brenda
movie 1986 Dreamaniac as Rosie
tv series 1956 As the World Turns as Dawn Wheeler #1

Lisa Emery on Youtube

Sick By Zayd Dohrn Directed by David Auburn Playing until Sept. 6 With Rebecca Brooksher, Lisa Emery, Michel Gill, Greg Keller and Ryan Spahn A small ...

Bound to Be Mine Lisa Emery had everything: a lucrative job and the perfect man at homeā€”her master. Together, they were exploring the darker side of passion ...

Lisa working hard.

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