Lloyd B. Carleton

Lloyd B. Carleton Filmography

movie 1927 Tongues of Scandal as Mr. Plunkett
movie 1925 Flash of a .45
movie 1925 The Mad Miner
movie 1925 The Man Who Rode Alone
movie 1925 The Young Sheriff
movie 1925 Nine and Three-Fifths Seconds
movie 1923 The Flying Dutchman
movie 1922 Beyond the Crossroads
movie 1920 Mountain Madness
movie 1920 The Amazing Woman
movie 1916 Heartaches
movie 1916 A Yoke of Gold
movie 1916 Barriers of Society
movie 1916 Black Friday
movie 1916 Doctor Neighbor
movie 1916 Her Husband's Faith
movie 1916 Her Soul's Song
movie 1916 Number 16 Martin Street
movie 1916 The Devil's Bondwoman
movie 1916 The Human Gamble
movie 1916 The Morals of Hilda
movie 1916 The Unattainable
movie 1916 The Way of the World
movie 1916 The Yaqui
movie 1916 Two Men of Sandy Bar
movie 1916 Two Mothers
movie 1915 A Studio Escapade
movie 1915 In the Midst of African Wilds
movie 1915 Motherhood
movie 1915 The Flashlight
movie 1915 The Girl I Left Behind Me
movie 1915 The Girl with the Red Feather
movie 1915 The Golden Spurs
movie 1915 The Jungle Lovers
movie 1915 The Love of Loti San
movie 1915 The Sacred Tiger of Agra
movie 1915 The White Light of Publicity
movie 1915 Their Sinful Influence
movie 1914 Michael Strogoff as Grand Duke of Siberia
movie 1914 The Walls of Jericho
movie 1914 A Leaf from the Past
movie 1914 At His Expense
movie 1914 Codes of Honor
movie 1914 His Brother's Blood
movie 1914 Strength of Family Ties
movie 1914 The Idler
movie 1914 The Impostor
movie 1914 The Investment
movie 1914 The Price
movie 1914 The Ragged Earl
movie 1914 Through Fire to Fortune
movie 1913 Diamond Cut Diamond
movie 1913 For His Child's Sake
movie 1913 Literature and Love
movie 1913 Longing for a Mother
movie 1913 Margaret's Painting
movie 1913 Shadows
movie 1913 The Angel of the Slums
movie 1913 The Fiancee and the Fairy
movie 1913 The Governor
movie 1913 The Lost Note
movie 1913 The Special Officer
movie 1913 The Two Cowards
movie 1913 The Veil of Sleep
movie 1913 The Wiles of Cupid
movie 1912 A New Beginning
movie 1912 His Mistake
movie 1912 Love and Tears
movie 1912 Love Versus Strategy
movie 1912 Satin and Gingham
movie 1912 The Good for Nothing
movie 1912 The Price of a Silver Fox
movie 1912 The Reformation of Kid Hogan
movie 1912 The Social Secretary
movie 1912 The Surprise Party Surprised
movie 1912 Tricked Into Happiness
movie 1912 When Love Leads
movie 1910 Simple Charity as Bailiff
movie 1910 She's Done It Again
movie 1910 St. Elmo