Lloyd Bacon

Lloyd Bacon Filmography

tv movie 1980 Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp as Actor in 'The Tramp'
movie 1954 She Couldn't Say No
movie 1954 The French Line
movie 1953 The Great Sioux Uprising
movie 1953 The I Don't Care Girl
movie 1953 Walking My Baby Back Home
movie 1951 Call Me Mister
movie 1951 Golden Girl
movie 1951 The Frogmen
movie 1950 Kill the Umpire
movie 1950 The Fuller Brush Girl
movie 1950 The Good Humor Man
movie 1949 It Happens Every Spring
movie 1949 Miss Grant Takes Richmond
movie 1949 Mother Is a Freshman
movie 1948 An Innocent Affair
movie 1948 Give My Regards to Broadway
movie 1948 You Were Meant for Me
movie 1947 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
movie 1946 Home, Sweet Homicide
movie 1946 Wake Up and Dream
movie 1946 Three Little Girls in Blue
movie 1945 Captain Eddie
movie 1944 Sunday Dinner for a Soldier
movie 1944 The Sullivans
movie 1943 Action in the North Atlantic
movie 1942 Larceny, Inc.
movie 1942 Silver Queen
movie 1942 Wings for the Eagle
movie 1941 The Chaplin Cavalcade as Various Roles
movie 1941 The Charlie Chaplin Festival as Various Roles
movie 1941 Affectionately Yours
movie 1941 Footsteps in the Dark
movie 1941 Honeymoon for Three
movie 1941 Navy Blues
movie 1940 Brother Orchid
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American
movie 1940 Three Cheers for the Irish
movie 1939 A Child Is Born
movie 1939 Espionage Agent
movie 1939 Indianapolis Speedway
movie 1939 Invisible Stripes
movie 1939 The Oklahoma Kid
movie 1939 Wings of the Navy
movie 1938 A Slight Case of Murder
movie 1938 Boy Meets Girl
movie 1938 Cowboy from Brooklyn
movie 1938 Racket Busters
movie 1937 Ever Since Eve
movie 1937 Marked Woman
movie 1937 San Quentin
movie 1937 Submarine D-1
movie 1936 Behind the Scenes of Cain and Mabel as Himself
movie 1936 Cain and Mabel
movie 1936 Gold Diggers of 1937
movie 1936 Sons o' Guns
movie 1935 Broadway Gondolier as Man Going to Brooklyn
movie 1935 Devil Dogs of the Air
movie 1935 Frisco Kid
movie 1935 In Caliente
movie 1935 The Irish in Us
movie 1934 6 Day Bike Rider
movie 1934 A Very Honorable Guy
movie 1934 He Was Her Man
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy
movie 1934 Wonder Bar
movie 1933 42nd Street
movie 1933 Footlight Parade
movie 1933 Mary Stevens, M.D.
movie 1933 Picture Snatcher
movie 1933 Son of a Sailor
movie 1932 Fireman, Save My Child
movie 1932 Alias the Doctor
movie 1932 Crooner
movie 1932 Miss Pinkerton
movie 1932 The Famous Ferguson Case
movie 1932 You Said a Mouthful
movie 1931 50 Million Frenchmen
movie 1931 Gold Dust Gertie
movie 1931 Honor of the Family
movie 1931 Kept Husbands
movie 1931 Manhattan Parade
movie 1931 Sit Tight
movie 1930 A Notorious Affair
movie 1930 Moby Dick
movie 1930 She Couldn't Say No
movie 1930 The Office Wife
movie 1930 The Other Tomorrow
movie 1929 Honky Tonk
movie 1929 No Defense
movie 1929 Say It with Songs
movie 1929 So Long Letty
movie 1929 Stark Mad
movie 1928 Pay as You Enter
movie 1928 The Lion and the Mouse
movie 1928 The Question of Today
movie 1928 The Singing Fool
movie 1928 Women They Talk About
movie 1927 Love's Languid Lure as Gerald's Stepfather
movie 1927 A Sailor's Sweetheart
movie 1927 Brass Knuckles
movie 1927 Finger Prints
movie 1927 Smith's Customer
movie 1927 The Heart of Maryland
movie 1927 White Flannels
movie 1926 Smith's Vacation
movie 1926 A Prodigal Bridegroom
movie 1926 Broken Hearts of Hollywood
movie 1926 Circus Today
movie 1926 Meet My Girl
movie 1926 Private Izzy Murphy
movie 1926 The Funnymooners
movie 1926 Two Lips in Holland
movie 1926 Wide Open Faces
movie 1925 There He Goes as The Cook
movie 1925 A Rainy Knight
movie 1925 Good Morning, Madam!
movie 1925 Good Morning, Nurse
movie 1925 He Who Gets Smacked
movie 1925 Hurry, Doctor!
movie 1925 Isn't Love Cuckoo?
movie 1925 Merrymakers
movie 1925 Take Your Time
movie 1925 The Raspberry Romance
movie 1925 The Wild Goose Chaser
movie 1925 The Window Dummy
movie 1924 Killing Time
movie 1924 Don't Fail
movie 1924 Empty Heads
movie 1924 Good Morning
movie 1924 Wedding Showers
movie 1923 Extra! Extra!
movie 1923 No Luck
movie 1923 The Optimist
movie 1923 F.O.B.
movie 1923 Radio Romeo
movie 1923 The Host
movie 1923 Uneasy Feet
movie 1922 Smudge as McGuire
movie 1922 The Speeder
movie 1922 The Educator
movie 1921 Hands Off as Ford Wadley
movie 1921 Hearts and Masks as Richard Comstock
movie 1921 The Greater Profit as Jim Crawkins
movie 1921 The Road Demon
movie 1920 Miss Nobody as The Aviator
movie 1920 The Broken Gate as John
movie 1920 The Girl in the Rain as Walter
movie 1920 The Kentucky Colonel as Boyd Savely
movie 1920 The Midlanders as Wiley Curran
movie 1919 Square Deal Sanderson as Barney Owen aka Bill Bransford
movie 1919 The Blue Bonnet as Jan Peterson
movie 1919 The Feud as Ben Summers
movie 1919 The House of Intrigue as Pinky McClone
movie 1919 Vagabond Luck as Buck
movie 1919 Wagon Tracks as Guy Merton
movie 1917 A Dark Room Secret
movie 1917 A Hotel Disgrace
movie 1917 Easy Street as Drug Addict
movie 1917 His Fatal Move as Italian Merchant
movie 1917 His Taking Ways
movie 1917 His Thankless Job as Overworked Husband
movie 1917 The Grave Undertaking
movie 1917 Two Laughs
movie 1916 A Waiting Game as A Waiter
movie 1916 Behind the Screen as Director of Comedies
movie 1916 Her Lesson as The Butler
movie 1916 Taking the Count
movie 1916 The Book Agent's Romance as The Butler
movie 1916 The Fireman as Her Father
movie 1916 The Floorwalker as The Floorwalker
movie 1916 The Rink as Guest
movie 1916 The Vagabond as Artist
movie 1915 A Christmas Revenge as Billy's rival
movie 1915 A Jitney Elopement as Young Butler
movie 1915 A Night in the Show as Man in Balcony
movie 1915 A Quiet Little Game as Jack Henry
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Card Sharp as The Cattle Thief
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Land Grabber
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Lumber King as The Sheriff
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Posse
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Begins Life Anew as The Sheriff
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Evens Matters
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Misled as The Prospector
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Steps In as The Rancher
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Brother
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Cowardly Brother as Billy's Brother
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Greaser Deputy
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Love Affair
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Marriage
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Protégé as The Girl's Sweetheart
movie 1915 His Regeneration as The Saloon Girl's Companion
movie 1915 In the Park as Pocketbook Thief
movie 1915 It Happened in Snakeville
movie 1915 Snakeville's Champion as Hotch
movie 1915 The Bachelor's Burglar
movie 1915 The Bank as Bank Robber
movie 1915 The Burglar's Godfather as The Crook's Pal
movie 1915 The Champion as Second Sparring Partner
movie 1915 The Convict's Threat
movie 1915 The Escape of Broncho Billy as The Sheriff
movie 1915 The Night That Sophie Graduated
movie 1915 The Tramp as Second Thief
movie 1915 Versus Sledge Hammers as Man Giving Directions
movie 1915 When Snakeville Struck Oil
movie 1915 Wine, Women and Song

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Escena final de 42nd Street de Lloyd Bacon.

42nd Street Trailer 1933 Director: Lloyd Bacon Starring: Bebe Daniels, Dick Powell, George Brent, Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler, Warner Baxter Official Content .

Marked Woman Trailer - Directed by Lloyd Bacon and starring Humphrey Bogart, Eduardo Ciannelli, Allen Jenkins, John Litel, Ben Welden. Set in the ...

Footlight Parade. Lloyd Bacon. 1933. Película de dominio público. http://aliceineclectiland.blogspot.com.ar/ http://www.taringa.net/lorenhey.