Lloyd French

Lloyd French Filmography

movie 1946 Headline Bands
movie 1943 Freddie Fisher and His Band
movie 1943 Hold Your Temper
movie 1942 Private Snuffy Smith
movie 1942 Rough on Rents
movie 1942 Sappy Birthday
movie 1942 Hold 'Em Jail
movie 1942 Mail Trouble
movie 1942 Two for the Money
movie 1941 An Ache in Every Stake
movie 1941 California or Bust
movie 1940 Bar Buckaroos
movie 1940 Drafted in the Depot
movie 1940 All Girl Revue
movie 1940 Romance in Rhythm
movie 1940 The Dipsy Doodler
movie 1939 A Fat Chance
movie 1939 At Home
movie 1939 Clyde Lucas and His Orchestra
movie 1939 Haunted House
movie 1939 History Repeats Itself
movie 1939 Jerry Livingston and His Talk of the Town Music
movie 1939 My Pop
movie 1939 On the Air
movie 1939 Seeing Spots
movie 1939 Swing Styles
movie 1939 The Broadway Buckaroo
movie 1938 Enric Madriguera and His Orchestra
movie 1938 Freddie Rich and His Orchestra
movie 1938 Hats and Dogs
movie 1938 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
movie 1938 Larry Clinton and His Orchestra
movie 1938 Leon Navara and His Orchestra
movie 1938 Melody Master Band: Music with a Smile
movie 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford
movie 1938 Saturday Night Swing Club
movie 1938 Sin-copation
movie 1938 Stocks and Blondes
movie 1938 The Great Library Misery
movie 1938 Vitaphone Gambols
movie 1938 Vitaphone Pictorial Revue, Series 2, No. 12
movie 1938 Vitaphone Pictorial Revue, Series 2, No. 7
movie 1938 Wedding Yells
movie 1938 Zero Girl
movie 1937 A Neckin' Party
movie 1937 Calling All Kids
movie 1937 David Mendoza & His Orchestra
movie 1937 Doctor Cupid
movie 1937 Double Talk
movie 1937 Henry King and His Orchestra
movie 1937 Kick Me Again
movie 1937 Mail and Female
movie 1937 Milt Britton and His World Famous Orchestra
movie 1937 One on the House
movie 1937 Taking the Count
movie 1937 Thirst Aid
movie 1936 Absorbing Junior
movie 1936 Can't Think of It
movie 1936 Dough-Nuts
movie 1936 For the Love of Pete
movie 1936 Here's Howe
movie 1936 Nut Guilty
movie 1936 Punch and Beauty
movie 1936 Rushin' Art
movie 1936 Shop Talk
movie 1936 The Blonde Bomber
movie 1936 The Choke's on You
movie 1936 The Oily Bird
movie 1936 The Wife of the Party
movie 1936 They're Off
movie 1936 While the Cat's Away
movie 1935 High, Wide and Hansom
movie 1935 What's the Idea?
movie 1935 All American Drawback
movie 1935 Calling All Tars
movie 1935 Double Exposure
movie 1935 His First Flame
movie 1935 On the Wagon
movie 1935 P's and Cues
movie 1935 Palm Beach Knights
movie 1935 Serves You Right
movie 1935 Some Class
movie 1935 The Officer's Mess
movie 1935 The Old Grey Mayor
movie 1935 Two Boobs in a Balloon
movie 1935 Watch the Birdie
movie 1935 Why Pay Rent?
movie 1934 A Peach of a Pair
movie 1934 All Sealed Up
movie 1934 Dizzy & Daffy
movie 1934 Mrs. Barnacle Bill
movie 1934 Oliver the Eighth
movie 1934 Smoked Hams
movie 1934 So You Won't T-T-T-Talk
movie 1934 The Caretaker's Daughter
movie 1933 Busy Bodies
movie 1933 Dirty Work
movie 1933 Me and My Pal
movie 1933 The Midnight Patrol
movie 1933 Sons of the Desert
movie 1932 Pack Up Your Troubles
movie 1932 Scram!
movie 1932 The Knockout
movie 1932 Too Many Women
movie 1932 Wild Babies
movie 1932 You're Telling Me
movie 1931 He Loved Her Not
movie 1931 She Went for a Tramp
movie 1931 The House Dick
movie 1931 The Lone Starved Ranger
movie 1931 Trouble from Abroad
movie 1931 Use Your Noodle
movie 1931 A Clean-Up on the Curb
movie 1931 On the Spot
movie 1929 That's My Wife
movie 1929 Liberty

Lloyd French on Youtube

For our AP English 12 class. A talk show titled "Fireside Chats with Dr. Lloyd French" in which we introduce you to three of the characters in the Prologue o...

Label: Primate Recordings ‎– PRMT 029 Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP Country: UK Released: 1998 Genre: Electronic Style: Techno.

University at Albany's Annual PARKFEST concert. Starring: Fabolous. Jadakiss. Ashanti. Lloyd. French Montana. Lloyd Banks Shot and and Edited by Thirteen ...