Logan Paul

Logan Paul Filmography

movie 1922 Flesh and Spirit as Peters Roberts
movie 1919 The Bandbox as Ehraim Clover
movie 1919 Virtuous Men as Trowbridge
movie 1919 Wild Oats
movie 1917 Arsene Lupin as Firmin
movie 1917 The Money Mill as Thomas Ogden
movie 1917 The Streets of Illusion
movie 1916 Britton of the Seventh as Rain-in-the-Face
movie 1916 By Love Redeemed as Saunders
movie 1916 Fathers of Men as Paul Crisp
movie 1916 Kennedy Square as Artig
movie 1916 Mr. Jack Ducks the Alimony as Colonel Crab
movie 1916 The Island of Surprise as Yacht Captain
movie 1916 The Man He Used to Be as Mr. Bicknell - Laura's Father
movie 1916 The Price of Fame as Mr. Thatcher
movie 1916 The Redemption of Dave Darcey as Rofrano
movie 1916 The Two Edged Sword as Farmer Brooks
movie 1916 Whom the Gods Destroy as O'Neil
movie 1915 A Fortune Hunter
movie 1915 From the Dregs
movie 1915 Mr. Jarr and Gertrude's Beaux as One of Gertrude's Beaux
movie 1915 O'Garry of the Royal Mounted as Jake Cummings - Marie's Father
movie 1915 Sonny Jim and the Great American Game
movie 1915 The Chief's Goat
movie 1915 The Closing of the Circuit as Captain of the 'Mary Croft'
movie 1915 The Faith of Sonny Jim as Sonny Jim as an Old Man
movie 1915 The Island of Regeneration as Captain Harding
movie 1915 The Making Over of Geoffrey Manning as Hennessey
movie 1915 West Wind as Crazy Horse
movie 1914 Children of the Feud as A Preacher
movie 1914 Her Great Scoop as Mr. Jamieson
movie 1914 Johanna, the Barbarian
movie 1914 Lincoln, the Lover
movie 1914 Local Color as John Hudson
movie 1914 Old Man Higgenbotham's Daughter as Jared Higgenbotham - a Farmer
movie 1914 Steve O'Grady's Chance as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Counterfeiter's Plot as Joe Jenkins - Village Blacksmith
movie 1914 The Ghost as Old Moore - Joan's Father
movie 1914 The Girl in the Case
movie 1914 The Right of Way as Lawrence Radford
movie 1914 The Widow of Red Rock as Sandy
movie 1913 'Mid Kentucky Hills
movie 1913 A Homespun Tragedy
movie 1913 In the Shadow
movie 1913 Off the Road as Robert Evers
movie 1913 The Drop of Blood
movie 1913 The Flag of Freedom as George Washington
movie 1913 The Honorable Algernon
movie 1913 The Pirates as Director of the Eat 'Em Biscuit Company
movie 1913 Thou Shalt Not Kill as The Governor
movie 1912 A Battle of Wits as Bob Elwood - Sue's Father
movie 1912 A Race with Time as Manson - President of the Railroad
movie 1912 Cardinal Wolsey as Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury
movie 1912 The Old Silver Watch
movie 1912 The Professor and the Lady as Second Vagabond

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