Lois Moran

Lois Moran (March 1, 1909 - July 13, 1990) was an American film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Lois Moran Filmography

movie 1974 Alice in den Städten as Airport Hostess
movie 1932 Ladies Not Allowed
movie 1931 Men in Her Life as Julia Cavanaugh
movie 1931 The Spider as Beverly Lane
movie 1931 Transatlantic as Judy Kramer
movie 1931 West of Broadway as Dot Stevens
movie 1930 Mammy as Nora Meadows
movie 1930 Not Damaged as Gwen Stewart
movie 1930 The Dancers as Diana
movie 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 12 as Herself
movie 1930 Under Suspicion as Alice Freil
movie 1929 A Song of Kentucky as Lee Coleman
movie 1929 Behind That Curtain as Eve Mannering Durand
movie 1929 Belle of Samoa as The Belle of Samoa
movie 1929 Joy Street as Marie Colman
movie 1929 Making the Grade as Lettie Ewing
movie 1929 True Heaven as Judith
movie 1929 Words and Music as Mary Brown
movie 1928 Blindfold as Mary Brower
movie 1928 Don't Marry as Priscilla Bowen
movie 1928 Love Hungry as Joan Robinson
movie 1928 Sharp Shooters as Lorette
movie 1928 The River Pirate as Marjorie Cullen
movie 1927 Publicity Madness
movie 1927 The Irresistible Lover as Betty Kennedy
movie 1927 The Music Master as Helene Stanton
movie 1927 The Whirlwind of Youth as Nancy Hawthorne
movie 1926 Camille as Alice Brown
movie 1926 Feu Mathias Pascal as Adrienne Paleari
movie 1926 God Gave Me Twenty Cents as Mary
movie 1926 Just Suppose as Linda Lee Stafford
movie 1926 Padlocked as Edith Gilbert
movie 1926 Prince of Tempters as Monica
movie 1926 The Reckless Lady as Sylvia Fleming
movie 1926 The Road to Mandalay as Joe's Daughter
movie 1925 Stella Dallas as Laurel Dallas
movie 1924 La galerie des monstres as Ralda

Lois Moran on Youtube

Laurel's birthday party.

Hard decision.

A scene from the 1931 film "West of Broadway" with John Gilbert and Lois Moran. For more information, visit moviedavid.blogspot.com!

West of Broadway: http://bit.ly/YUbojd Hard-drinking New York socialite Jerry Seevers returns from WWI combat and finds that his fiancée now loves someone el.