Lois Ramsey

She was a major cast member of the 1970s soap opera The Box as tea lady Mrs. Hopkins. She also appeared twice in Prisoner ? as dotty social worker Agnes Forster in 1980 and a more prominent role in 1985 as Ettie Parslow, an aged inmate who thought that the Second World War was still going on. ... more on Wikipedia

Lois Ramsey Filmography

video movie 2007 BoyTown Confidential as Gran
movie 2007 Cool White as Grace
movie 2006 BoyTown as Gran
movie 2002 Crackerjack as Gwen
tv movie 2001 My Husband My Killer as Mrs. May Carmichael
movie 2000 Tulip as Margaret
movie 1999 Fresh Air as Mrs. Beck
movie 1997 Road to Nhill as Carmel
movie 1996 River Street as Edna Davis
movie 1996 Roses as Dawn
tv series 1987 Poor Man's Orange as Mrs. Campion
tv series 1987 The Harp in the South as Mrs. Campion
movie 1984 One Night Stand as Salvation Army woman
movie 1984 Undercover as Landlady
tv movie 1981 Air Hawk as Dorcas
tv series 1978 The Truckies as Dora
tv series 1976 The Sullivans as Mrs. Patterson
tv series 1976 The Young Doctors as Winnie Parsons
movie 1975 The Box as Mrs. Hopkins
tv movie 1968 The Battlers

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