Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen Filmography

movie 2012 Little Saigon as General Do
movie 2012 Seven Psychopaths as Vietnamese Priest
movie 2011 Living in Seduced Circumstances as Mr. Thanh
movie 2011 Touch as Father
movie 2010 The Profile as Trung Minh Tran
movie 2009 21 and a Wake-Up as Uncle Hai
movie 2007 Blood Debts as Ignatius
movie 2007 Xing as Duc
movie 2006 Journey from the Fall as Long
movie 2004 Running in Tall Grasses as Cat
movie 2003 Apsara as Domrey
tv movie 2003 Coyote Waits as Huan Ji
movie 2003 First Morning as Nam
movie 2003 Missing Brendan as Lu
movie 2002 Power Elite as Kang Gee
movie 2001 Green Dragon as Quang Hai
movie 1999 Bastards as Communist Commander
movie 1998 Six Days Seven Nights as Pirate
tv movie 1997 Into Thin Air: Death on Everest as Ang Dorje
movie 1995 Operation Dumbo Drop as Jhon
movie 1994 Death Match as Fighter
movie 1994 Red Sun Rising as Oyabun's guard
movie 1993 Heaven & Earth as Anh
movie 1988 Night Wars as Viet Cong
movie Saigon, CA as Giang Trung

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