Lorena Gale

Lorena Gale (May 9, 1958 ? June 21, 2009) was a Canadian actress, director, and writer. She was active onstage and in films and television since the 1980s. She also authored two award-winning plays, Angelique and Je me souviens. ... more on Wikipedia

Lorena Gale Filmography

tv movie 2009 Mistresses as Nurse
tv movie 2009 Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins as Librarian
video movie 2008 Another Cinderella Story as Helga
movie 2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still as Scientist #2
movie 2008 The X Files: I Want to Believe as On Screen Doctor
movie 2008 Traitor as Dierdre Horn
tv movie 2007 Hush Little Baby as Marie Batiste
tv movie 2007 Love Notes as Aveva Marley
movie 2007 Things We Lost in the Fire as N.A. Meeting Person
tv movie 2006 Augusta, Gone as Alix
tv movie 2006 Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes' as Sue Coleman
movie 2006 Slither as Janene
movie 2006 The Foursome as Marjorie
tv movie 2006 The Mermaid Chair as Hepzibah
movie 2005 Bob the Butler as Dr. Wilma
movie 2005 Fantastic Four as Old Lady with Car #1
tv movie 2005 Intelligence as Nathan
movie 2005 Neverwas as Judy
tv movie 2005 Premonition as Captain Gloria Smith
tv movie 2005 School of Life as Matilda Smith
movie 2005 The Exorcism of Emily Rose as Jury Foreman
tv movie 2004 10.5 as Geologist
movie 2004 The Butterfly Effect as Mrs. Boswell
movie 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick as Defense Minister
movie 2004 The Perfect Score as Proctor
tv movie 2004 The Survivors Club as Lt. Marcy Morelli
tv series 2004 Proof of the Man as Super
movie 2003 Agent Cody Banks as Waitress
tv movie 2003 D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear as YMCA Receptionist
tv movie 2003 Jinnah: On Crime - White Knight, Black Widow as Karen
tv movie 2002 Door to Door as Hospital Administrator
movie 2002 Halloween: Resurrection as Nurse Wells
tv movie 2002 Living with the Dead as Midge's Grandmother
tv movie 2002 Mr. St. Nick as Mrs. Lange
tv movie 2002 Shadow Realm as D.A. Clarkson
movie 2001 Freddy Got Fingered as Psychiatrist
tv movie 2001 Twice Upon a Christmas as Ms. Lilly
tv movie 2000 G-Saviour as Reporter Fagan
tv movie 2000 Holiday Heart as Mrs. Owens
tv movie 2000 Love Lessons as Dr. Carlyle
tv movie 2000 Runaway Virus as Surgeon General
movie 2000 Screwed as Angry Momma
movie 2000 Snow Day as Radio Mother
tv movie 1999 Behind the Mask as Mrs. Flowers
tv movie 1999 Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge as Mrs. Brewer
tv movie 1999 P.T. Barnum as Joice Heth
tv movie 1999 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century as Mrs. Ready
tv movie 1998 A Marriage of Convenience as Judge Edwards
movie 1998 American Dragons as Captain Talman
tv movie 1997 Echo as Nurse
tv movie 1997 Ellen Foster
tv movie 1997 Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan
tv movie 1997 Married to a Stranger as Jerry, David's Assistant
tv movie 1997 Volcano: Fire on the Mountain as Eve
tv movie 1996 Kidz in the Wood as Foster Mother
movie 1996 Maternal Instincts as Anita
tv movie 1995 Broken Trust as Carole Benisek
tv movie 1995 Circumstances Unknown as Dakota Peal
tv movie 1995 Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 14 as Appeals Judge
tv movie 1995 Ebbie as Rita
tv movie 1995 Fighting for My Daughter as Nancy
tv movie 1995 Jack Reed: One of Our Own as Anne Kelfer
tv movie 1995 Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story as Sgt. Wilson
tv movie 1995 The Surrogate as Brenda
tv movie 1994 Betrayal of Trust as Donna
movie 1994 Ernest Goes to School as History Teacher
tv movie 1994 Sin & Redemption as Nurse #3
tv movie 1994 The Disappearance of Vonnie as Orkin
tv movie 1993 Dying to Remember as Clerk #2
tv movie 1993 Judgment Day: The John List Story as Susan Harris
tv movie 1992 Bitsy Bears as Rollerbear
movie 1992 Farther West
tv movie 1992 To Grandmother's House We Go as Waitress
tv movie 1991 A Mother's Justice as Janet
movie 1990 Baby Blues as Ms. Catherton
video movie 1989 Angels of the City as Punk bar
movie 1989 Cousins as Cosmetic Demonstrator
tv movie 1989 I Love You Perfect as Young Nurse
movie 1989 The Fly II as Woman
tv movie 1988 God Bless the Child as Rosalie Davis
movie 1987 Wild Thing as Scooter
tv movie 1986 Barnum as Joyce Heth
tv movie 1986 Choices as Clinic Staffer
tv movie 1986 Miles to Go... as Gloria
movie 1985 Discussions in Bioethics: A Chronic Problem
movie 1984 The Hotel New Hampshire as Dark Inge
movie 1982 Visiting Hours as Nurse 1

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