Lou Klein

Louis Frank Klein (October 22, 1918 - June 20, 1976) was an infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cleveland Indians, and the Philadelphia Athletics, but he was best known as one of the players that jumped to the Mexican League and was subsequently banned by Commissioner Happy Chandler for a five year span (though the suspension was later reduced). ... more on Wikipedia

Lou Klein Filmography

movie 2009 300 Pounds as King Leonidas
movie 2009 The Invasion as Jimbim
video movie 2006 The Monkey's Paw as Zombie Dad
movie 2004 Anna's Eve as Reggie Evans
movie 2004 Creature Unknown as Creature
video movie 2003 The Revolting Dead as Jonathan Drue
movie 1997 An American Vampire Story as Nacho, the Gardener

Lou Klein on Youtube

Creature motion, To FX Actor.

Here is the work of Lou Klein. 5'10" 165 lbs. hair black eyes: Brown looks like a cross between " Stallone and Robert Dinero.

Trailer DIRECTED by Lou Klein For Milan McCoy's up and coming new film called "" THE KID"", a story of a young man torn between his desire to be a rodeo ...

You can see the entire film UNCUT!! http://www.vimeo.com/2625299 In a Galaxy far, far away... If Every Saga has its beginings.. Then every Jedi has a tale th...