Louis Chaudet

Louis Chaudet was an American film director of the silent movie era. He was born in 1884. He died May 10, 1965 in Woodland Hills, California. ... more on Wikipedia

Louis Chaudet Filmography

movie 1929 The Devil Bear
movie 1928 Outcast Souls
movie 1927 Speeding Hoofs
movie 1926 A Captain's Courage
movie 1926 Eyes Right!
movie 1926 Fightin' Jack
movie 1926 Lightning Bill
movie 1926 Tentacles of the North
movie 1925 A Man of Nerve
movie 1923 Defying Destiny
movie 1922 Fools of Fortune
movie 1921 KingFisher's Roost
movie 1920 Common Sense
movie 1919 Hoop-La
movie 1919 The Blue Bonnet
movie 1919 The Long Lane's Turning
movie 1919 The Love Call
movie 1918 The Finger of Justice
movie 1918 The Girl of My Dreams
movie 1917 A Bundle of Trouble
movie 1917 A Dark Deed
movie 1917 A Hasty Hazing
movie 1917 A Macaroni Sleuth
movie 1917 A Million in Sight
movie 1917 A Young Patriot
movie 1917 Burglar by Request
movie 1917 Down Went the Key
movie 1917 Follow the Girl
movie 1917 Follow the Tracks
movie 1917 His Wife's Relatives
movie 1917 Looking 'Em Over
movie 1917 Mixed Matrimony
movie 1917 Moving Day
movie 1917 One Thousand Miles an Hour
movie 1917 Pete, the Prowler
movie 1917 Poor Peter Pious
movie 1917 Practice What You Preach
movie 1917 Seeing Things
movie 1917 Shot in the West
movie 1917 Society's Driftwood
movie 1917 Some Specimens
movie 1917 Tell Morgan's Girl
movie 1917 The Edge of the Law
movie 1917 The Home Wreckers
movie 1917 The Lost Appetite
movie 1917 The Rushin' Dancers
movie 1917 The Winning Pair
movie 1917 To Be or Not to Be Married
movie 1917 To Oblige a Vampire
movie 1917 Treat 'Em Rough
movie 1917 Under the Bed
movie 1917 What a Clue Will Do
movie 1917 When the Cat's Away
movie 1917 Why, Uncle!
movie 1916 With the Spirit's Help
movie 1916 A Political Tramp
movie 1916 A Silly Sultan
movie 1916 Almost Guilty
movie 1916 Broke But Ambitious
movie 1916 His Own Nemesis
movie 1916 How Do You Feel?
movie 1916 It Sounded Like a Kiss
movie 1916 Knights of a Bathtub
movie 1916 Love and a Liar
movie 1916 Model 46
movie 1916 Nobody Guilty
movie 1916 Pass the Prunes
movie 1916 Pretty Baby
movie 1916 The Barfly
movie 1916 The Battle of Chili Con Carne
movie 1916 The Boy from the Gilded East
movie 1916 The Terrible Turk
movie 1916 The White Turkey
movie 1916 Two Small Town Romeos
movie 1916 When the Spirits Fell
movie 1915 Beached and Bleached
movie 1915 Can You Beat It?
movie 1915 The Master of the Bengals