Louis Durham

Louis Durham Filmography

movie 1922 Caught Bluffing as Siwash Sam
movie 1920 The Silver Horde as Swanson
movie 1920 The Strange Boarder as Sergeant Worrill
movie 1919 A Regular Fellow as Gangster
movie 1919 Flame of the Desert as Desert Sheik
movie 1919 Love's Prisoner as Shorty Dorgan
movie 1919 The Busher
movie 1919 The Mayor of Filbert as Officer Burns
movie 1918 Closin' In as Jules La Roche
movie 1918 Hell's End as Hank Dillon
movie 1918 The Hard Rock Breed as Mike Carney
movie 1918 The Hopper as Humpy
movie 1918 The Law of the Great Northwest as Mont Brennan
movie 1918 The Law's Outlaw as Ramon
movie 1918 Wolves of the Border as José Mardones
movie 1917 An Even Break as Canning
movie 1917 Love or Justice as Lieutenant Dillon
movie 1917 One Shot Ross as Shorty
movie 1917 The Iced Bullet as Joe
movie 1917 The Pinch Hitter as Coach Nolan
movie 1917 The Regenerates as William Slade
movie 1916 A Law Unto Himself as Bill Holden
movie 1916 The Conscience of John David as The gambler
movie 1916 The Waifs as Finnigan
movie 1915 Cash Parrish's Pal as The Sheriff
movie 1915 In the Switch Tower as Alden
movie 1915 The $100,000 Bill as Soapy Smith
movie 1915 The Brink
movie 1915 The Scrub as Coach Sloane
movie 1914 A Crook's Sweetheart as Jim Flint
movie 1914 A Flower in the Desert as Buck McInnes
movie 1914 Jim Cameron's Wife
movie 1914 The Cure
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Sister
movie 1914 The Wharf Rats as Chuck

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A young lady, who "hates the law" rises from the tenements to society. Financial reverses lead her to commit a series of burglaries as "The Bird". But She be...