Louis Eppolito

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa are two former New York Police Department (NYPD) police detectives who worked on behalf of the New York Mafia while they committed various illegal activities. In 2006, they were convicted of labor racketeering, extortion, narcotics, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, eight murders and conspiracy to commit murder, charges stemming from the 1980s and the early 1990s in New York, and in the 2000s in Las Vegas. Both were sentenced to life in federal prison ... more on Wikipedia

Louis Eppolito Filmography

movie 2005 Luckey Quarter as Casino boss
movie 2002 Turn of Faith as Victor Bruno
movie 2000 Body and Soul as Associate #1
video movie 1998 Da Game of Life as Assassin
movie 1997 Lost Highway as Ed
movie 1994 Bullets Over Broadway as Waterfront Hood
movie 1994 Hand Gun as Raid Cop #1
movie 1993 Italian Movie as Lou Delgatto
movie 1993 Mad Dog and Glory
movie 1992 Ruby as Detective Taylor
movie 1991 Company Business as Paco Gonzalez
tv movie 1991 Kojak: Fatal Flaw as Hitman
movie 1991 Switch as Al the Guard
movie 1990 Goodfellas as Fat Andy
movie 1990 Predator 2 as Patrolman
movie 1990 State of Grace as Borelli's Man
movie 1990 Street Hunter as Romano Guard Outside Coffin Factory

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Mobsters - Mafia Cops: Louis Eppolito & Stephen Caracappa.

Mobsters - Mafia Cops: Louis Eppolito & Stephen Caracappa.

This is the stuff that movies are made from! Real-life drama about killer cops on the mob payroll, are exposed with the cop who has lived it, Michael Vecchio...

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