Louise Fazenda

Louise Fazenda (June 17, 1895 - April 17, 1962) was an American film actress, appearing chiefly in silent comedy films. ... more on Wikipedia

Louise Fazenda Filmography

movie 1952 Screen Snapshots: Memories of Famous Hollywood Comedians
movie 1950 Animal Antics
movie 1946 Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 8: Looking Back as Herself
movie 1944 Once Over Lightly
movie 1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments
movie 1941 Meet the Stars #8: Stars Past and Present as Herself
movie 1939 A Small Town Idol
movie 1939 The Old Maid as Dora
movie 1938 Breakdowns of 1938 as Herself
movie 1938 Down on the Farm as Aunt Ida
movie 1938 For Auld Lang Syne as Herself - Arriving Celebrity
movie 1938 Personality Parade as Herself
movie 1938 Swing Your Lady as Sadie
movie 1937 Ever Since Eve as Abbie Belldon
movie 1937 First Lady as Mrs. Lavinia Mae Creevey
movie 1937 Merry Go Round of 1938 as Mrs. Penelope Updike
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Hillbilly Woman
movie 1937 Ready, Willing and Able as Clara Heineman
movie 1937 The Road Back as Angelina
movie 1936 Colleen as Alicia Ames
movie 1936 Doughnuts and Society as Kate Flannagan
movie 1936 I Married a Doctor as Bea Sorenson
movie 1936 Screen Snapshots Series 16, No. 4 as Herself
movie 1935 A Dream Comes True as Herself
movie 1935 Bad Boy as Mrs. Harris - Landlady
movie 1935 Broadway Gondolier as Mrs. Flaggenheim
movie 1935 The Casino Murder Case as Becky
movie 1935 The Widow from Monte Carlo as Rose Torrent
movie 1935 The Winning Ticket as Nora Tomasello
movie 1934 Caravan as Governess Bessie Opitz
movie 1934 Mountain Music
movie 1934 Wonder Bar as Mrs. Pratt
movie 1933 Alice in Wonderland as White Queen
movie 1933 Hunting Trouble
movie 1933 Out of Gas
movie 1933 Stung Again
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Herself, film clip
movie 1932 Hesitating Love
movie 1932 Once in a Lifetime as Helen Hobart
movie 1932 Racing Youth as Daisy Joy
movie 1932 Running Hollywood as Herself
movie 1932 The Unwritten Law as Lulu Potts
movie 1932 Union Wages
movie 1931 Blondes Prefer Bonds as The Wife
movie 1931 Gun Smoke as Hampsey Dell
movie 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots' as Herself
movie 1931 Misbehaving Ladies as Aunt Kate Boyd
movie 1931 Newly Rich as Maggie Tiffany
movie 1931 Second Hand Kisses
movie 1931 The Cuban Love Song as Elvira
movie 1931 The Itching Hour as Gwendolyn Sheepshire
movie 1931 The Mad Parade as Fanny Smithers
movie 1931 Voice of Hollywood as Herself
movie 1930 A Fall to Arms
movie 1930 An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee as Herself
movie 1930 Bride of the Regiment as Teresa
movie 1930 High Society Blues as Mrs. Granger
movie 1930 Leathernecking as Hortense
movie 1930 Loose Ankles as Aunt Sarah Harper
movie 1930 No, No, Nanette as Sue Smith
movie 1930 Pure and Simple
movie 1930 Rain or Shine as Frankie
movie 1930 So This Is Paris Green
movie 1930 Spring Is Here as Emily Braley
movie 1930 The Bearded Lady as Mlle Rosa, The Bearded Lady
movie 1930 Too Hot to Handle
movie 1930 Viennese Nights as Gretl Kruger
movie 1930 Wide Open as Agatha Hathaway
movie 1929 Faro Nell as Faro Nell
movie 1929 Hard to Get as Ma Martin
movie 1929 Hot Lemonade
movie 1929 Hot Stuff as Aunt Kate
movie 1929 House of Horror as Louise
movie 1929 On with the Show! as Sarah
movie 1929 Players at Play as Herself
movie 1929 Stark Mad as Mrs. Fleming
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer as Jane
movie 1929 The Desert Song as Susan
movie 1929 The Show of Shows as 'Recitations' Sketch
movie 1928 Domestic Troubles as Lola
movie 1928 Five and Ten Cent Annie as Annie
movie 1928 Heart to Heart as Aunt Katie Boyd
movie 1928 Noah's Ark as Hilda
movie 1928 Outcast as Mable
movie 1928 Pay as You Enter as Mary Smith
movie 1928 Riley the Cop as Lena Krausmeyer
movie 1928 The Terror as Mrs. Elvery
movie 1928 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Tillie, a Runaway
movie 1928 Vamping Venus as Maggie Cassidy
movie 1927 A Sailor's Sweetheart as Cynthia Botts
movie 1927 A Texas Steer as Mrs. Ma Brander
movie 1927 Babe Comes Home as Laundry Girl
movie 1927 Finger Prints as Dora Traynor
movie 1927 Ham and Eggs at the Front as Cally Brown
movie 1927 Simple Sis as Sis
movie 1927 The Cradle Snatchers as Susan Martin
movie 1927 The Gay Old Bird as Sisseretta Simpkins
movie 1927 The Red Mill as Gretchen
movie 1926 Footloose Widows as Flo
movie 1926 Ladies at Play as Aunt Katherine
movie 1926 Millionaires as Reba, Esther's Sister
movie 1926 Miss Nobody as Mazie Raleigh
movie 1926 The Bat as Lizzie Allen
movie 1926 The Lady of the Harem as Yasmin
movie 1926 The Old Soak as Annie
movie 1926 The Passionate Quest as Madame Mathilde
movie 1926 Tin Gods
movie 1925 A Broadway Butterfly as Cookie Dale
movie 1925 Bobbed Hair as Sweetie
movie 1925 Cheaper to Marry as Flora
movie 1925 Compromise as Hilda
movie 1925 Declassée as Mrs. Walton
movie 1925 Grounds for Divorce as Marianne
movie 1925 Hello Goodbye
movie 1925 Hogan's Alley as Dolly
movie 1925 The Love Hour as Jenny Tibbs
movie 1925 The Night Club as Carmen
movie 1925 The Price of Pleasure as Stella Kelly
movie 1924 Being Respectable as Deborah Carpenter
movie 1924 Dizzy Daisy as Daisy - the Fisherman's Daughter
movie 1924 Listen Lester as Arbutus Quilty
movie 1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln as Sally, a Country Girl
movie 1924 The Galloping Fish as Undine
movie 1924 The Lighthouse by the Sea as Flora Gale
movie 1924 This Woman as Rose
movie 1924 True As Steel as Miss Leeds
movie 1924 What a Night!
movie 1923 Cold Chills
movie 1923 Main Street as Bea Sorenson
movie 1923 Mary of the Movies as Louise Fazenda
movie 1923 Pest of the Storm Country as Louise
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 20 as Herself
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 2 as Herself
movie 1923 Tea: With a Kick! as Birdie Puddleford
movie 1923 The Fog as Millie Richards
movie 1923 The Gold Diggers as Mabel Munroe
movie 1923 The Old Fool as Dolores Murphy
movie 1923 The Spider and the Rose as Dolores
movie 1923 The Spoilers as Tilly Nelson
movie 1923 The Wanters as Mary
movie 1922 Bow Wow as The Country Girl
movie 1922 Quincy Adams Sawyer as Mandy Skinner
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 12 as Herself
movie 1922 The Beautiful and Damned
movie 1922 The Beauty Shop as Cremo Panatella
movie 1921 A Rural Cinderella as Cinderella
movie 1921 A Small Town Idol as Theatregoer
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage as The Immigrant Wife
movie 1921 Bright Eyes as The Golfer
movie 1921 Country Chickens
movie 1921 Made in the Kitchen as The Wife
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 25 as Herself
movie 1921 The Love Egg
movie 1921 Wedding Bells Out of Tune as The Dissatisfied Wife
movie 1920 Bungalow Troubles as The Wife
movie 1920 Down on the Farm as Louise - the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1920 It's a Boy as The Blacksmith's Daughter
movie 1920 Let 'er Go as The Country Girl
movie 1920 Married Life as Wife of Heckler at Theatre
movie 1920 My Goodness as The Hotelkeeper's Daughter
movie 1920 The Gingham Girl as The Gingham Girl
movie 1920 The Quack Doctor as The Hired Lady
movie 1920 The Star Boarder as The Slavey
movie 1920 You Wouldn't Believe It as Minor Role
movie 1919 Back to the Kitchen as The Cook
movie 1919 Bullin' the Bullsheviki
movie 1919 Hearts and Flowers as A Flower Girl
movie 1919 Salome vs. Shenandoah as Minor Role
movie 1919 The Foolish Age as The Blacksmith's Sweetheart
movie 1919 The Village Smithy as The Village Belle
movie 1919 Treating 'Em Rough as A Simple Country Girl
movie 1919 Why Beaches Are Popular as Louise Fazenda
movie 1918 Grauman Special as Herself
movie 1918 Her First Mistake as The Boarding House Slavey
movie 1918 Her Screen Idol as The Stage Struck Nurse
movie 1918 It's a Cinch as Herself
movie 1918 The Kitchen Lady as Gwendolyn Hogan - the Kitchen Lady
movie 1918 The Summer Girls as The Countess's Maid
movie 1918 The Village Chestnut as The Lovestruck Pupil
movie 1918 Those Athletic Girls as The Janitress
movie 1917 Are Waitresses Safe? as Only a Working Girl
movie 1917 Her Fame and Shame as Maggie - the Hasher
movie 1917 Her Torpedoed Love as The Servant Girl
movie 1917 His Precious Life as The Janitress
movie 1917 Lost: A Cook as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1917 Maggie's First False Step as Maggie - the Country Girl
movie 1917 The Betrayal of Maggie as Maggie - the Cook
movie 1916 A Love Riot as The Wife
movie 1916 Bombs! as Miss Peanutty - the Italian's Daughter
movie 1916 Her Marble Heart as The Daughter
movie 1916 His Hereafter as The Saloon Owner's Daughter
movie 1916 Maid Mad as Mlle. Maisie De Seeresky - Fortune Teller
movie 1916 Pills of Peril as The Tourist's Daughter
movie 1916 The Feathered Nest as Mona Haye
movie 1916 The Judge as The Manicurist
movie 1916 The Marble Heart
movie 1915 A Bear Affair as The Lodgekeeper's Wife
movie 1915 A Game Old Knight as Princess Maggie
movie 1915 A Hash House Fraud as The Cashier
movie 1915 A Submarine Pirate as Dinner Guest
movie 1915 A Versatile Villain as The Sheriff's Daughter
movie 1915 Ambrose's Fury as The Neighbor Wife
movie 1915 Ambrose's Little Hatchet as The Wife
movie 1915 Ambrose's Lofty Perch
movie 1915 Ambrose's Nasty Temper as Proprietress
movie 1915 Ambrose's Sour Grapes as Shooting Victim in Park
movie 1915 Crossed Love and Swords as The Guest of Honor
movie 1915 Fatty's Tintype Tangle as Edgar's Wife
movie 1915 Fools and Pajamas
movie 1915 Hubby's Cure as Miss Newlywed
movie 1915 Only a Farmer's Daughter
movie 1915 Raindrops and Girls
movie 1915 Stark Mad
movie 1915 The Blank Note
movie 1915 The Butler's Busted Romance as The Cook
movie 1915 The Great Vacuum Robbery as 1st Thief
movie 1915 The Water Cure
movie 1915 When Ambrose Dared Walrus as Hotel Guest with Pitcher
movie 1915 Willful Ambrose as Ma Ambrose
movie 1915 Won with Dynamite
movie 1914 A Dream of a Painting as Princess De Egyptienne
movie 1914 A Freak Temperance Wave as Max's Wife
movie 1914 A Mexico Mix
movie 1914 Across the Court as Mandy
movie 1914 Captain Kidd's Priceless Treasure as Lucy
movie 1914 Cruel, Cruel World!
movie 1914 He Married Her Anyhow as Mandy - the Chief's Daughter
movie 1914 Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl as Little Nellie
movie 1914 His Doctor's Orders as Henry's Wife
movie 1914 His Wife's Family
movie 1914 In the Clutches of the Villain
movie 1914 In the Year 2014
movie 1914 Jam and Jealousy
movie 1914 Lizzie's Fortune as Lizzie Prune
movie 1914 Love and Electricity as Louise Schultz
movie 1914 Love and Graft
movie 1914 Love and Politics
movie 1914 Love Disguised as Mandy
movie 1914 Love, Roses and Trousers
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Go in for Matrimony
movie 1914 Mike and Jake in the Clutch of Circumstances
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Join the Army
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Live Close to Nature
movie 1914 Mike Searches for His Long-Lost Brother as Keyboard Annie
movie 1914 Oh! What's the Use?
movie 1914 Saving the Child as The Distraught Mother
movie 1914 Schultz the Barber
movie 1914 Schultz the Paperhanger as The Lady of the House
movie 1914 Some Nightmare as Max's Wife
movie 1914 That's Fair Enough
movie 1914 The Baseball Fans of Fanville
movie 1914 The Battle of the Nations as Marie
movie 1914 The Bucket Sharpers as Light Fingered Fanny
movie 1914 The Chicken Chasers
movie 1914 The De-feet of Father as Tootsie
movie 1914 The Diamond Nippers
movie 1914 The Fatal Letter
movie 1914 The Headwaiter
movie 1914 The Midnight Alarm as Max's Wife
movie 1914 The Mystery of a Taxicab as Squabina
movie 1914 The New Butler
movie 1914 The Polo Champions
movie 1914 The Sharps Want a Flat as Mrs. Sharp
movie 1914 The Tender Hearted Sheriff
movie 1914 Their First Anniversary as Mrs. Younghubby - the Wife
movie 1914 Their Little Ones
movie 1914 Two Pals and a Gal as Widow Clemons
movie 1914 Well! Well!
movie 1914 What Happened to Schultz?
movie 1914 When Their Wives Joined the Regiment
movie 1914 Wifie's Busy Day
movie 1913 Almost an Actress as Susie
movie 1913 For Art and Love as Mandy
movie 1913 Hilda of the Mountains as Hilda Darwin
movie 1913 Lazy Louis as Mrs. Schultz - Louis' Wife
movie 1913 Mike and Jake Among the Cannibals as Queen Lil
movie 1913 Mike and Jake as Heroes
movie 1913 Mike and Jake as Pugilists
movie 1913 Mike and Jake at College as The College Widow
movie 1913 Mike and Jake at the Beach as Louise
movie 1913 Mike and Jake Go Fishing
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in Mexico as Chilita
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in Society as Miss Goldollar
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in the Oil Fields, or The Stinger Stung as Louise
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in the Wild, Wild West
movie 1913 Poor Jake's Demise as Servant
movie 1913 She Should Worry as Mrs. Schultz
movie 1913 The Cheese Special as May Schmaltz
movie 1913 The Joy Riders as Mandy
movie 1913 The Romance of the Utah Pioneers
movie 1913 Thou Shalt Not Rubber as Mrs. Schmaltz
movie 1913 When Joe Went West

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