Louise Huff

Louise Huff Filmography

movie 1922 The Seventh Day as Patricia Vane
movie 1921 Disraeli as Clarissa
movie 1920 The Dangerous Paradise as Ivis Van Astor
movie 1920 What Women Want as Francine D'Espard
movie 1919 Heart of Gold as Annie Wilkes
movie 1919 Oh, You Women! as Mary Shelby
movie 1919 The Crook of Dreams as Constance Waldron
movie 1919 The Little Intruder as The Little Intruder
movie 1919 The Stormy Petrell
movie 1918 His Majesty, Bunker Bean as Breede's daughter
movie 1918 Mile-a-Minute Kendall as Jean Evans
movie 1918 Sandy as Ruth Nelson
movie 1918 T'Other Dear Charmer as Betty Hallowell
movie 1918 The Sea Waif as Nancy Potter
movie 1918 Wild Youth as Louise Mazarine
movie 1917 Freckles as Angel
movie 1917 Ghost House as Lois Atwell
movie 1917 Great Expectations as Estella
movie 1917 Jack and Jill as Mary Dwyer
movie 1917 The Lonesome Chap as Renee D'Armand
movie 1917 The Varmint as Laura
movie 1917 What Money Can't Buy as Princess Irenia
movie 1916 Blazing Love as Jeanne Clark
movie 1916 Destiny's Toy as Nan
movie 1916 Seventeen as Lola Pratt
movie 1916 The Ransom as Marcia Osborne
movie 1916 The Reward of Patience as Patience
movie 1916 The Sphinx as Frances Evans
movie 1915 A Romance of the Navy as Rose
movie 1915 For $5,000 a Year as Adele
movie 1915 Indiscretion as Helen Barnes
movie 1915 Marse Covington as Martha Halliday
movie 1915 The Little Detective as Kitty - the Little Detective
movie 1915 The Nameless Fear as Dulcene
movie 1915 The Old Homestead as Ruth Stratton
movie 1915 The Shanghaied Baby as Isobel Gregg
movie 1915 The Stroke of Fate as Dorothy Blake
movie 1915 The Winthrop Diamonds as Marjorie Moore
movie 1915 Where the Road Divided as The Young Mountain Girl
movie 1914 A Chance in Life as Mary
movie 1914 A Country Girl as Louise Forrest - the Country Girl
movie 1914 A Deal in Real Estate as Ruth Gregston
movie 1914 A Pack of Cards as Toinette - Pierre's Wife
movie 1914 Between Two Fires as Cicely Applegate
movie 1914 Fitzhugh's Ride as Elizabeth Manners
movie 1914 In the Gambler's Web as Edith Graham
movie 1914 In the Hills of Kentucky as Roxie Herron
movie 1914 Love's Long Lane as Lucille
movie 1914 On Lonesome Mountain as Flo Wheeler - a Mountain Maid
movie 1914 On Moonshine Mountain as Anne
movie 1914 Stonewall Jackson's Way as Louise Bradley
movie 1914 The Aggressor as Hilda Sloane - the Wife
movie 1914 The Girl at the Lock as Elaine Strange
movie 1914 The Greater Love as Esther - the Nurse
movie 1914 The Inscription as Nell Phelan
movie 1914 The Mountain Law as Betty Hurf
movie 1914 The Reward as Eileen Herron
movie 1914 The Shell of Life
movie 1914 The Struggle Everlasting as Louise
movie 1914 The Unknown Country as Alice Gray
movie 1914 The Vagaries of Fate as Mrs. Durban - the District Attorney's Wife
movie 1914 The Weaker Brother as Dorothy
movie 1914 Treasures on Earth as Grace Roth - William's Wife
movie 1913 A Waif of the Desert as Chispa Munro
movie 1913 An Enemy's Aid as Jess King
movie 1913 Before the Last Leaves Fall as Evelyn Gray
movie 1913 Caprice as Secondary Role
movie 1913 Her Sick Father as Lillian
movie 1913 Her Supreme Sacrifice as Mary
movie 1913 In the Bishop's Carriage as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Hazard of Youth as Barbara Young
movie 1913 The Supreme Sacrifice as Mary

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