Louise Lorraine

Louise Lorraine (October 1, 1904 ? February 2, 1981) was an American silent-film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Louise Lorraine Filmography

movie 1932 Moonlight and Cactus
movie 1930 Beyond the Law as Barbara Ringold
movie 1930 Near the Rainbow's End as Ruth Wilson
movie 1930 The Jade Box as Helen Morgan
movie 1930 The Lightning Express as Bobbie Van Tyne
movie 1930 The Mounted Stranger as Bonita Coy
movie 1929 The Diamond Master as Doris Killner
movie 1928 A Final Reckoning as Miss Whitney, Ruben's Sister
movie 1928 Baby Mine as Helen
movie 1928 Chinatown Charlie as Annie Gordon
movie 1928 Circus Rookies as La Belle
movie 1928 Shadows of the Night as Molly
movie 1928 The Wright Idea as Helen
movie 1927 Hard Fists as Betty Barnes
movie 1927 Legionnaires in Paris as Annette
movie 1927 Rookies as Zella Fay
movie 1927 The Frontiersman as Athalie Burgoyne
movie 1927 Winners of the Wilderness as Mimi
movie 1926 Exit Smiling as Phyllis
movie 1926 The Blue Streak as Inez Del Rio
movie 1926 The Silent Flyer as Helen Corliss
movie 1926 The Stolen Ranch as Mary Jane
movie 1925 Borrowed Finery as Sheila Conroy
movie 1925 Pals as Molly Markham
movie 1925 The Great Circus Mystery as Trixie Tremaine
movie 1925 The Silent Guardian as Jessie Stevens
movie 1925 The Verdict as Carol Kingsley
movie 1925 The Wild Girl as Pattie
movie 1925 Three in Exile as Lorraine Estes
movie 1923 Fighting Blood
movie 1923 McGuire of the Mounted as Julie Montreau
movie 1923 Sweetie as The Society Woman
movie 1923 The Gentleman from America as Carmen Navarro
movie 1923 The Oregon Trail as Rosita Velasquez
movie 1923 The Wolves of the Waterfront as Mary Rebecca
movie 1923 The Yellow Handkerchief as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1922 Pirates of the Deep as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 The Altar Stairs as Joie Malet
movie 1922 The Cabby
movie 1922 The Channel Raiders as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 The Law of the Sea as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 The Radio King as Ruth Leyden
movie 1922 The Siege of the Lancashire Queen as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 True Blue
movie 1922 Up in the Air About Mary as Mary
movie 1922 White and Yellow as Mary Rebecca
movie 1922 With Stanley in Africa
movie 1921 A Bunch of Kisses
movie 1921 A Family Affair
movie 1921 Big Bob as The Dance Hall Girl
movie 1921 Double-Crossed
movie 1921 Fighting Blood
movie 1921 Get-Rich-Quick Peggy as Gypsy Queen
movie 1921 Sea Shore Shapes
movie 1921 Stand Up and Fight
movie 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan as Jane
movie 1921 The Danger Man
movie 1921 The Dog Doctor
movie 1921 The Fire Eater as Martha McCarthy
movie 1921 The Guilty Trail
movie 1921 The Knockout Man
movie 1921 The Midnight Raiders as The Sheriff's Daughter
movie 1921 The Outlaw
movie 1921 The Trigger Trail
movie 1921 Valley of the Rogues
movie 1920 A Movie Hero
movie 1920 Elmo the Fearless as Edith Stillwell
movie 1920 The Flaming Disc as Helen

Louise Lorraine on Youtube

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Featuring Elmo Lincoln and Louise Lorraine.