Louise Orth

Luise Jaide (also Louise Jaide-Schlosser) (26 March 1842 ? 2 January 1914) was a German operatic mezzo-soprano who had an active career during the latter half of the 19th century. Among her signature roles were Amneris in Aida, Azucena in Il trovatore, Frau Reich in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Idamante in Idomeneo, Irmentraud in Der Waffenschmied, and Mary in The Flying Dutchman, She is best remembered today for playing several roles in the first complete presentation of Richard Wagner's The R ... more on Wikipedia

Louise Orth Filmography

movie 1919 Three Black Eyes as Natalie Shelton
movie 1916 Bill's Narrow Escape
movie 1916 Billie's Reformation as Billie's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Blue Blood But Black Skin as Pinkey - the Belle
movie 1916 Cupid at the Polo Game as The Champion's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Elevating Father as Louise
movie 1916 For the Love of Mike and Rosie
movie 1916 Knocks and Opportunities as The Florist's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Mr. McIdiot's Assassination as The Woman
movie 1916 Spring Fever
movie 1915 A Scandal at Sea as Barnacle's Wife
movie 1915 Almost a Scandal
movie 1915 Bill's New Pal
movie 1915 Cupid in a Hospital
movie 1915 Father Was a Loafer
movie 1915 Gem and Germs as Gem
movie 1915 Hearts and Flames as The Plumber's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Hello, Bill!
movie 1915 Life and Moving Pictures
movie 1915 Married on Credit as Louise
movie 1915 Mavis of the Glen as Mrs. Nainby
movie 1915 Park Johnnies
movie 1915 Room and Board: A Dollar and a Half
movie 1915 Shot in a Bar Room
movie 1915 Silk Hose and High Pressure
movie 1915 Sin on the Sabbath as Louise - the Girl
movie 1915 Stolen Hearts and Nickels as Sarah Green
movie 1915 The Avenging Dentist
movie 1915 The Curse of Work as The Heiress
movie 1915 The Death of Simon LaGree as The Village Belle
movie 1915 Thou Shalt Not Flirt
movie 1915 Vendetta in a Hospital
movie 1914 A Desperate Hero as The Wife
movie 1914 Blame the Tailor as Mabel
movie 1914 Buy Wool as The Daughter
movie 1914 Lizzy's Escape as The Country Girl
movie 1914 Love and Surgery
movie 1914 Partners in Crime
movie 1914 Reggie the Daredevil
movie 1914 Rose o' My Heart as Rose Marston
movie 1914 Seven Days as Bella Wilson
movie 1914 Skelley's Birthday as Mary Skelley
movie 1914 The Faddists as Mrs. Jenks
movie 1914 The Fatal Marriage
movie 1914 The Janitor's Revenge
movie 1914 The Manicure Girl as The Manicure Girl
movie 1913 A Barber Cure as Flossie Fluff
movie 1913 A Fallen Hero as Mathilda
movie 1913 An Evening with Wilder Spender as Dottie Dewdrop
movie 1913 He's a Lawyer as Dunn's Secretary
movie 1913 How the Day Was Saved
movie 1913 Mixed Nuts as Ophelia
movie 1913 Oh, Sammy! as Sammy's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Hicksville Epicure as The Fashion Plate
movie 1913 The Somnambulists as Mrs. Hennessy
movie 1913 The Suicide Pact as May
movie 1913 The Troublesome Mole
movie 1913 With the Aid of Phrenology as The Wife