Luana Walters

Luana Walters (July 22, 1912-May 19, 1963) was a motion picture actress from Los Angeles, California. ... more on Wikipedia

Luana Walters Filmography

video movie 1986 Horrible Horror as In clips from 'The Corpse Vanishes'
movie 1956 Girls in Prison as Cellblock Guard
movie 1956 The She-Creature as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1950 Atom Man vs. Superman as Lara [Ch. 7]
movie 1949 Mighty Joe Young as Nightclub Patron
movie 1948 Arthur Takes Over as Newspaper Woman
movie 1948 Superman as Lara
movie 1947 Bells of San Angelo as Lodge Clerk
movie 1947 Shoot to Kill as Marian Langdon
movie 1943 Drums of Fu Manchu as Mary Randolph
movie 1942 Bad Men of the Hills as Laurie Bishop
movie 1942 Captain Midnight as Fury Shark
movie 1942 Down Texas Way as Mary Hopkins
movie 1942 Inside the Law as Dora Mason
movie 1942 Lawless Plainsmen as Baltimore Bonnie Dixon
movie 1942 The Corpse Vanishes as Patricia Hunter
movie 1942 The Lone Star Vigilantes as Marcia Banning
movie 1942 Thundering Hoofs as Nancy Kellogg
movie 1941 Across the Sierras as Anne Woodworth
movie 1941 Arizona Bound as Ruth Masters
movie 1941 Lovable Trouble as Brunette showgirl
movie 1941 No Greater Sin as Sandra James
movie 1941 Road Agent as Teresa
movie 1941 The Kid's Last Ride as Sally Rowell
movie 1940 Blondie Plays Cupid as Millie
movie 1940 Drums of Fu Manchu as Mary Franklin
movie 1940 Millionaire Playboy as Resort Girl
movie 1940 Misbehaving Husbands as Jane Forbes
movie 1940 The Durango Kid as Nancy Winslow
movie 1940 The Range Busters as Carol Thorp
movie 1940 The Return of Wild Bill as Kate Kilgore
movie 1940 The Tulsa Kid as Mary Wallace
movie 1939 Cafe Society as Cigarette Girl
movie 1939 Disbarred as Minor Role
movie 1939 Eternally Yours as Girl at Shower
movie 1939 Fangs of the Wild as Carol Dean
movie 1939 Honeymoon in Bali as Girl Having Her Fortune Told
movie 1939 Hotel Imperial as Nurse
movie 1939 I'm from Missouri as Hat Check Girl
movie 1939 King of Chinatown as Nightclub Girl
movie 1939 Law of the Wolf as Ruth Adams
movie 1939 Mexicali Rose as Anita Loredo
movie 1939 Mutiny on the Blackhawk
movie 1939 Paris Honeymoon as Angela
movie 1939 St. Louis Blues
movie 1939 The Magnificent Fraud as Brunette
movie 1939 Undercover Doctor as Nurse
movie 1938 Algiers as Native Waitress
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Woman in Gaming House
movie 1938 Say It in French as Hat Check Girl
movie 1938 Thanks for the Memory as Model
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Suzette
movie 1938 Where the West Begins as Lynne Reed
movie 1937 A Star Is Born
movie 1937 Assassin of Youth as Joan Barry
movie 1937 Souls at Sea as Eloise
movie 1937 Under Strange Flags as Dolores de Vargas
movie 1937 Youth on Parole as Salesgirl
movie 1936 Aces and Eights as Juanita Hernandez
movie 1936 Ride 'Em Cowboy as Lillian Howard
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Sonya Rokoff, aka The Dragon Lady [Chs. 1-14]
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Sonya Rokoff
movie 1936 Suzy as Check Room Girl
movie 1936 The Speed Reporter as May
movie 1935 Broadway Melody of 1936 as Showgirl
movie 1934 The Merry Widow as Maid to Sonia
movie 1934 The Third Sex as Elinor Gordon
movie 1933 Midshipman Jack as Gloria
movie 1933 Secrets of Hollywood as A Young Actress
movie 1933 The Fighting Texans as JoAnn Carver
movie 1932 End of the Trail as Luana
movie 1932 Miss Pinkerton as First Nurse
movie 1932 Two Seconds as Tart
movie 1930 Reaching for the Moon as Undetermined Subordinate Role

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Theatrical trailer for the 1942 horror programmer, THE CORPSE VANISHES, starring bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Tristram Coffin and Elizabeth Russell.