Lucien Eisenach

Lucien Eisenach Filmography

video movie 2013 Chubby Killer: The Anthology
movie 2013 Escape Plan as Prisoner
movie 2013 Now You See Me as Magic Show Spectator
movie 2013 Paradise as Casino Patron
movie 2013 Witch Graveyard
movie 2012 Aberrations as Cop
movie 2012 Day of a Thousand Screams as Matt
video movie 2011 Hate as Dean
movie 2011 Shriek of the Sasquatch! as Birdwatcher
video movie 2011 Sinister as Gerard Prewitt
video movie 2010 Dead Ink
movie 2009 Chubby Killer as Matt Morbid
video movie 2009 Contagio as Hazmat Team Leader
video movie 2008 At the House of Madness as Milo
video movie 2008 Torment as Dissecto
video movie 2006 Diary of Nightmares as Stephen
video movie 2006 Wolfika as Trent
movie 2005 Southern Gothic
movie 2004 Dead Clowns as Spree Killer
video movie 2003 Cadaver Bay as Hamilton Crick
video movie 2003 Malefic as Burke
video movie 2003 Psycho Santa as Burglar
video movie 2001 Cremains as Carnival Victim

Lucien Eisenach on Youtube

Short trailer for zombie clown movie starring Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Jeff Dylan Graham, Lucien Eisenach, Eric Spudic, Kimberly Lynn Cole, Robyn ...

Trailer for SINISTER (2010) starring Donna Hamblin, Donny Versiga, Lucien Eisenach, Isabelle Stephen, Luc Bernier, Tim Tanner.

Trailer for movie with Jeff Dylan Graham, Elizabeth North, Denman Powers, Lucien Eisenach, Luc Bernier. written/directed by Steve Sessions.

Trailer for horror movie "Torment" starring Suzi Lorraine, Tom Stedham, Ted Alderman, Luc Bernier, Jade LaFont, and Lucien Eisenach as "Dissecto" the clown.