Mac Barnes

Mac Barnes (died January 10, 1923) was an American actor. He appeared in 23 films between 1909 to 1921. ... more on Wikipedia

Mac Barnes Filmography

movie 1921 Experience as Makeshift
movie 1921 Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford as Andrea Dempsey
movie 1921 The Sign on the Door as 'Kick' Callahan
movie 1917 The Food Gamblers as Police Inspector
movie 1917 The Haunted House
movie 1913 The Empty Studio as David Burson Sr. - Dave's Father
movie 1913 The Man Who Might Have Been
movie 1913 The Millionaire Cowboy as Col. Carter - Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 The Understudy
movie 1913 Tommy's Atonement as The Landlord
movie 1912 A Counterfeit Santa Claus
movie 1912 A Detective's Strategy
movie 1912 A Freight Train Drama
movie 1912 An International Romance as One of the Germans
movie 1912 Bread Upon the Waters
movie 1912 How the 'Duke of Leisure' Reached His Winter Home
movie 1912 Officer Murray
movie 1912 Tempted by Necessity as Dan Tracy - the Scoundrel
movie 1912 The Fire Cop
movie 1912 The House of His Master
movie 1912 The Three Valises as The Police Sergeant
movie 1912 Two Gay Dogs
movie 1909 The Cowboy Millionaire

Mac Barnes on Youtube

I'm back! And got some goods.

Interview with Mac Barnes one of the top executives for Bloomberg financial on Life's Journey with Gale Alvarez. Produced by Yuriy Boyechko.

What i got at the grove today! Includes stuff from -MAC -Barnes and Noble.

YOUR IDENTITY a sermon by Mac Barnes of Precious Pearl, a ministry that preaches the gospel in Haiti, sends children to school, feeds children, supports orph.