Madge Stuart

Madge Stuart Filmography

movie 1927 The Only Way as Mimi
movie 1926 Bodiam Castle and Eric the Slender
movie 1926 Kenilworth Castle and Amy Robsart
movie 1924 Um eine Million
movie 1924 Women and Diamonds as Olive Seaton
movie 1923 A Gamble with Hearts as Morag Lannon
movie 1923 She Stoops to Conquer as Miss Hardcastle
movie 1923 The Beloved Vagabond as Blanquette
movie 1923 The Sins of a Father
movie 1923 The Test as Mme. Firmiani
movie 1923 The Uninvited Guest as Mavis Steele
movie 1922 His Wife's Husband as Madge Pearson
movie 1922 Running Water as Sylvia Skinner
movie 1922 The Crimson Circle as Thalia Drummond
movie 1922 The Knight Errant as Ernestine
movie 1922 The Letters as Mme. Vincourt
movie 1922 The Passionate Friends as Rachel Moore
movie 1922 The Pointing Finger as Lady Susan Silchester
movie 1922 The Scourge as Sylvia Farquharson
movie 1921 A Gentleman of France as Mlle de la Vere
movie 1921 Frailty as Diana
movie 1921 General John Regan as Mary Ellen Doyle
movie 1921 Greatheart as Diana Bathurst
movie 1921 Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills as Gwyneth
movie 1921 Innocent as Innocence
movie 1920 A Question of Trust as Stephanie
movie 1920 The Amateur Gentleman as Lady Cleone Meredith
movie 1920 The Iron Stair as Renee Jessup
movie 1920 The Tavern Knight as Cynthia Ashburn
movie 1919 Gamblers All as Ruth Longworthy
movie 1919 The Elusive Pimpernel as Juliette Marny
movie 1918 Nature's Gentleman as Lady Harcourt