Madison Mason

Madison Mason Filmography

tv movie 2010 Amish Grace as Levi Brennaman
movie 2010 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps as Bank President
tv movie 2009 The Venice Beach Hostel as Mason Doyle
movie 2008 Eagle Eye as President
movie 2008 W. as Adm. Kelly
movie 2008 Watashi wa kai ni naritai as Judge Advocate
movie 2007 Evan Almighty as Congressman Dodd
tv movie 2007 Love Is a Four Letter Word as Mr. Kendrick
tv movie 2007 The Kidnapping as Mr. Schultz
movie 2007 Transformers as CNN Reporter
tv movie 2006 McBride: Fallen Idol as Grayson Franks
movie 2006 You Did What? as Dick McConnell
movie 2002 Collateral Damage as Undersecretary Shrub
tv movie 2002 Path to War as John McCone
movie 2002 Red Dragon as Police Commissioner
movie 2001 Good Advice as Jim Pearson
tv movie 2001 Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man as Charles Hobbs
movie 2001 Pearl Harbor as Adm. Raymond A. Spruance
tv movie 2001 The Princess & the Marine
movie 2000 Love Her Madly as Gabriel
movie 2000 Thirteen Days as Adm. George Anderson
movie 1999 Crazy in Alabama as Alexander Powell
video movie 1999 The Base as Gen. Leo Oxenberg
movie 1998 Deadly Ransom
movie 1996 Daddy's Girl as William Tucker
video movie 1996 Raven as Governor Sklar
movie 1996 The Silencers as Senator Rawlings
tv movie 1995 Eye of the Stalker as Ron, Civil Attorney
movie 1991 Flight of the Intruder as C.A.G.
tv movie 1991 Omen IV: The Awakening as Dr. Hastings
tv movie 1991 The Marla Hanson Story as Marla's Doctor
tv movie 1990 Without Her Consent as Det. Riker
tv movie 1989 A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story as Officer Jones
movie 1989 Fat Man and Little Boy as Boris Pash
tv movie 1988 Glitz as Lt. Dixie Davies
tv movie 1988 Go Toward the Light as Joe
tv movie 1988 Scandal in a Small Town as Keith Ritter
tv movie 1987 On Fire as Zale
tv movie 1987 Roses Are for the Rich as Prentiss Osborne
movie 1986 Dangerously Close as Corrigan
tv movie 1985 A Bunny's Tale as Luther Baines
tv movie 1985 Love on the Run as Roy Nellison
movie 1984 Dreamscape as Fred Schoenstein
movie 1984 Fear City as Leila's Doctor
tv movie 1984 The Vegas Strip War as Gray Ryan
tv movie 1983 The Day After as TV Host
tv movie 1983 The Other Woman as Jean Pierre
movie 1982 Showdown at Eagle Gap as Quell
tv movie 1970 Neither Are We Enemies as Jesus Christ
tv series 1965 Days of Our Lives as Gene Brisco

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