Mae Hotely

Mae Hotely (7 October 1872 ? 6 April 1954) was an American silent film actress. She appeared in 85 films between 1911 and 1929. ... more on Wikipedia

Mae Hotely Filmography

movie 1929 Girls Who Dare as Miss Casey
movie 1915 A Day on the Force as Nora
movie 1915 A Lucky Strike as Nora, the Cook
movie 1915 A Safe Investment as Mrs. Hoppington
movie 1915 An Artful Artist as Jane Smith
movie 1915 Baby
movie 1915 Billie Joins the Navy
movie 1915 Billie's Debut as Billie's Wife
movie 1915 Billie's Heiress as Miss Millions
movie 1915 Clothes Count as Amy Manners
movie 1915 Her Choice as Mrs. Stern
movie 1915 Her Romeo as Bess
movie 1915 His Body Guard as Hiram's Wife
movie 1915 His Wife's New Lid
movie 1915 Horrible Hyde as The Landlady
movie 1915 Just Like Kids as Mary
movie 1915 Matilda's Legacy as Matilda Honeysuckle
movie 1915 Out for a Stroll as The Wrestler's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Percival's Awakening
movie 1915 Playing Horse as Dolly
movie 1915 Queenie of the Nile as Queenie aka Cleopatra
movie 1915 Si and Su, Acrobats as Su
movie 1915 The Cellar Spy as Bill's Wife
movie 1915 The Club Man
movie 1915 The Golden Oyster as Sal
movie 1915 The New Butler
movie 1915 The New Valet as The Flirting Widow
movie 1915 The Price of Pies
movie 1915 The Substitute as Billy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Twin Sister as Eva Bolt
movie 1915 Think of the Money as Billie's Wife
movie 1915 What He Forgot as Bella Bailey
movie 1915 When Mother Visited Nellie as Henry's Mother-in-Law
movie 1915 When Wifie Sleeps as Bill's Wife
movie 1915 Wifie's Ma Comes Back as Bill's Mother-in-Law
movie 1914 A Bargain Automobile as Nancy Nugent
movie 1914 A Dangerous Case as Mrs. Tom Jones
movie 1914 A Stage Door Flirtation
movie 1914 A Winning Mistake
movie 1914 Antidotes for Suicide as Mrs. Bowser
movie 1914 Brown's Cook as Mrs. Brown
movie 1914 Building a Fire as Maggie
movie 1914 Business and Love as Jolly May - the Cook
movie 1914 Casey's Birthday as Mrs. Casey
movie 1914 For a Widow's Love as Daisy Dunne
movie 1914 He Never Found Out as Bess's Mother
movie 1914 He Wanted Chicken as Mrs. Tom Renson - the Farmer's Wife
movie 1914 Her Horrid Honeymoon as Maude Raymond - the Wife-to-be
movie 1914 Her Side-Show Sweetheart as Marie - the Snake Charmer
movie 1914 His Suicide as Myra Boggs
movie 1914 In the Soup
movie 1914 Long May It Wave as Nora
movie 1914 She Was a Peach as Mandy Jones
movie 1914 Taming Terrible Ted as Betsy Wolf
movie 1914 The Cook Next Door as Nora - the Cook
movie 1914 The Eyes Have It as Mrs. Casey
movie 1914 The Female Book Agent as Mrs. Bray
movie 1914 The Female Cop as Myra McGinnis
movie 1914 The Pie Eaters
movie 1914 The Wise Detectives
movie 1914 When Dooley Passed Away as The Widow Cassidy
movie 1914 Who's Boss? as Sue Briggs
movie 1913 A Masked Mix-Up as Mrs. Holt - the Wife
movie 1913 A Mountain Mother as The Widow Liza
movie 1913 A Ten Acre Gold Brick as The Farmer's Wife
movie 1913 All on Account of Daisy as Daisy
movie 1913 An Exclusive Pattern as Tom's Wife
movie 1913 An Interrupted Courtship as Mrs. Grant
movie 1913 Building a Trust as Mary Murphy
movie 1913 Fixing Auntie Up as Auntie Bayne - First Couple
movie 1913 Fooling Their Wives
movie 1913 Giving Bill a Rest as Mrs. Marie Block
movie 1913 Hattie's New Hat as Hattie Hotaling
movie 1913 Her Wooden Leg as Alice - the Widow
movie 1913 His First Experience as Roxanne Cameron - the Widow
movie 1913 His Widow as Mrs. McGoon - Walter's Landlady
movie 1913 Kate the Cop as Kate the Cop
movie 1913 Lucky Cohen
movie 1913 Minnie the Widow as Minnie Windom - a Widow
movie 1913 She Must Be Ugly as The Ugly Stenographer
movie 1913 She Must Elope as Mary
movie 1913 Silence for Silence as The Widow
movie 1913 Smashing Time as Bess
movie 1913 Stage-Struck Sally as Stage-Struck Sally
movie 1913 Surprise for Four as Elsie Smith
movie 1913 The Actress and Her Jewels as Dottie Dare
movie 1913 The Beaut from Butte
movie 1913 The Engaging Kid as Mrs. Castle
movie 1913 The Fake Soldiers as Mrs. Marks
movie 1913 The Female Detective as Mae Hotely - the Female Detective
movie 1913 The Missing Jewels as Mrs. James Y. Henry
movie 1913 The Widow's Wiles as The Widow Bruce
movie 1913 The Zulu King as Mrs. Smith
movie 1913 Training a Tightwad as Mrs. Wad
movie 1912 A Gay Time in Jacksonville Florida
movie 1912 A Gay Time in Quebec
movie 1912 All in the Wash as Mrs. Jones - the Wife
movie 1912 Down with the Men
movie 1912 His Father's Choice as Mrs. Robbins
movie 1912 His Vacation as The Chaperon
movie 1912 Man Wanted as Aunt Eleanor
movie 1912 Meeting Mamie's Mother as Mamie's Mother
movie 1912 Nora the Cook as Nora the Cook
movie 1912 Object Matrimony as Nancy
movie 1912 Over the Hills to the Poorhouse as Martha Downs - the Wife
movie 1912 The Hindoo's Charm as Mrs. Washbuckel - the Wife
movie 1912 The New Constable as Mrs. Dean
movie 1912 The Stranded Actors
movie 1912 Tim and Jim as The Servant
movie 1912 Wifey's Ma Comes Back as Todd's Mother-in-Law
movie 1911 A Gay Time in Atlantic City as Mrs. Perkins - Fred's Wife
movie 1911 A Gay Time in New York City as Mrs. Douglas - Arthur's Mother
movie 1911 A Gay Time in Washington
movie 1911 A Hot Time in Atlantic City as Count Carisford's Wife
movie 1911 A Nearsighted Chaperone as Virginia Remington
movie 1911 A Question of Modesty as Mrs. Earl
movie 1911 Some Mother-in-Law as Mrs. Diamond - the Mother-in-Law
movie 1911 The Human Torpedo