Mae Marsh

Mae Marsh (born Mary Wayne Marsh, November 9, 1894 ? February 13, 1968) was an American film actress with a career spanning over 50 years. ... more on Wikipedia

Mae Marsh Filmography

video movie 1998 The Making of 'The Birth of a Nation' as Herself
tv movie 1975 Black Shadows on the Silver Screen as Herself
movie 1975 The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War as Herself
tv movie 1968 Black History: Lost Stolen, or Strayed as Herself
movie 1965 The Love Goddesses as Herself
movie 1964 Cheyenne Autumn as Woman
movie 1963 Donovan's Reef as Family Council Member
tv movie 1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years as Herself - in Birth of a Nation
movie 1961 Two Rode Together as Hanna Clegg
movie 1960 From the Terrace as Sandy's Governess
movie 1960 Sergeant Rutledge as Mrs. Nellie Hackett
movie 1958 Cry Terror! as Woman in Elevator
movie 1958 The Last Hurrah as Mourner at Wake
movie 1957 The Wings of Eagles as Nurse Crumley
movie 1956 Girls in Prison as 'Grandma' Edwards
movie 1956 Julie as Hysterical Passenger
movie 1956 The Searchers as Dark Cloaked Woman at Fort Guarding Deranged Woman
movie 1956 While the City Sleeps as Mrs. Manners
movie 1955 Good Morning, Miss Dove as Woman in Bank
movie 1955 Hell on Frisco Bay as Mrs. Cobb, Steve's Landlady
movie 1955 Prince of Players as Witch in 'Macbeth'
movie 1955 The Tall Men as Emigrant
movie 1954 A Star Is Born as Malibu Party Guest
movie 1953 A Blueprint for Murder as Anna Swenson - Lynne's Housekeeper
movie 1953 Powder River as Townswoman
movie 1953 The Robe as Jerusalem Woman Aiding Demetrius
movie 1953 The Sun Shines Bright as G.A.R. Woman at the Ball
movie 1953 Titanic as Woman to Whom Norman Gave His Seat
movie 1952 Night Without Sleep as Maid
movie 1952 The Quiet Man as Father Paul's Mother
movie 1951 The Model and the Marriage Broker as Talkative patient
movie 1950 My Blue Heaven as Maid
movie 1950 The Gunfighter as Mrs. O'Brien
movie 1950 The Jackpot as Mrs. Woodruff in Photo
movie 1950 When Willie Comes Marching Home as Mrs. Clara Fettles
movie 1949 A Letter to Three Wives as Miss Jenkins
movie 1949 Everybody Does It as Higgins - the Borlands' Maid
movie 1949 Impact as Mrs. King
movie 1949 It Happens Every Spring as Greenleaf's Maid
movie 1949 The Fighting Kentuckian as Sister Hattie
movie 1948 3 Godfathers as Mrs. Perley Sweet
movie 1948 Deep Waters as Molly Thatcher
movie 1948 Fort Apache as Mrs. Gates
movie 1948 Green Grass of Wyoming as Race Spectator
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Tommy's Mother
movie 1947 Daisy Kenyon as Woman Leaving Apartment
movie 1947 Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 5 as Herself
movie 1947 Miracle on 34th Street as Woman in Santa Line
movie 1947 Mother Wore Tights as Resort Guest
movie 1947 The Late George Apley as Maid
movie 1947 Thunder in the Valley as Flower Vendor
movie 1946 Johnny Comes Flying Home as Bus Passenger
movie 1946 My Darling Clementine as Simpson's Sister
movie 1946 Smoky as Woman Watching Parade
movie 1945 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as Tynmore Sister
movie 1945 Leave Her to Heaven as Fisherwoman
movie 1945 State Fair as Ring-Toss Spectator
movie 1945 The Dolly Sisters as Annie
movie 1944 In the Meantime, Darling as Emma
movie 1944 The Sullivans as Neighbor of Mrs. Griffin
movie 1943 Dixie Dugan as Mrs. Sloan
movie 1943 Jane Eyre as Leah
movie 1943 The Meanest Man in the World as Old Lady
movie 1943 The Moon Is Down as Villager
movie 1943 The Song of Bernadette as Woman
movie 1943 Tonight We Raid Calais as French Townswoman
movie 1942 Blue, White and Perfect as Mrs. Bertha Toby
movie 1942 It Happened in Flatbush as Aunt Mae, Team Co-Owner
movie 1942 It's Everybody's War as Bit Role
movie 1942 Just Off Broadway as Autograph Seeker
movie 1942 Quiet Please: Murder as Miss Hartwig
movie 1942 Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake as Mrs. Purdy
movie 1942 Tales of Manhattan as Molly
movie 1942 The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe as Mrs. Phillips
movie 1942 The Man in the Trunk as Mrs. Inge
movie 1941 Belle Starr as Preacher's Wife
movie 1941 Great Guns as Aunt Martha
movie 1941 How Green Was My Valley as Miner's Wife
movie 1941 Remember the Day as Teacher
movie 1941 Swamp Water as Mrs. McCord
movie 1941 The Cowboy and the Blonde as Office Worker
movie 1941 Tobacco Road as County Clerk's Assistant
movie 1940 Four Sons as Townswoman
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Muley's Wife
movie 1940 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk as Mrs. Stetson
movie 1940 Young People as Maria Liggett
movie 1939 Drums Along the Mohawk as Pioneer Woman
movie 1939 Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence as Extra as Empire State Building Tourist
movie 1939 Swanee River as Mrs. Jonathan Fry
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Carlotta Blakeford
movie 1935 Black Fury as Mrs. Mary Novak
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Mrs. Mary Barth
movie 1934 Little Man, What Now? as Wife of Karl Goebbler
movie 1933 Alice in Wonderland as Sheep
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Herself, film clip
movie 1932 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Aunt Jane
movie 1932 That's My Boy as Mom Scott
movie 1931 Over the Hill as Ma Shelby
movie 1931 The Movie Album as Herself
movie 1928 Racing Through
movie 1927 Life in Hollywood No. 4 as Herself
movie 1925 The Rat as Odile Etrange
movie 1925 Tides of Passion as Charity
movie 1924 Arabella as Arabella
movie 1924 Daddies as Ruth Atkins
movie 1923 Paddy the Next Best Thing as Paddy
movie 1923 The White Rose as Bessie 'Teazie' Williams
movie 1922 Flames of Passion as Dorothy Hawke
movie 1922 Till We Meet Again as Marion Bates
movie 1921 Nobody's Kid as Mary Cary
movie 1920 The Little 'Fraid Lady as Cecilia Carne
movie 1919 Spotlight Sadie as Sadie Sullivan
movie 1919 The Bondage of Barbara as Barbara Grey
movie 1919 The Mother and the Law as The Little Dear One
movie 1918 All Woman as Susan Sweeney
movie 1918 Fields of Honor as Marie Messereau
movie 1918 Hidden Fires as Peggy Murray
movie 1918 Money Mad as Elsie Dean
movie 1918 Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
movie 1918 The Beloved Traitor as Mary Garland
movie 1918 The Face in the Dark as Jane Ridgeway
movie 1918 The Glorious Adventure as Carey Wethersbee
movie 1918 The Racing Strain as Lucille Cameron
movie 1918 United States Fourth Liberty Loan Drive as Herself
movie 1917 Polly of the Circus as Polly
movie 1917 Sunshine Alley as Nell
movie 1917 The Cinderella Man as Marjorie Caner
movie 1916 A Child of the Paris Streets as Julie
movie 1916 A Child of the Streets
movie 1916 A Wild Girl of the Sierras as The Wild Girl
movie 1916 Hoodoo Ann as Hoodoo Ann
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as The Dear One
movie 1916 The Little Liar as Maggie
movie 1916 The Marriage of Molly-O as Molly-O
movie 1916 The Wharf Rat as Polly
movie 1915 Her Shattered Idol as Mae Carter
movie 1915 His Lesson as Participant in Mob Scene
movie 1915 The Birth of a Nation as Flora Cameron - The Pet Sister
movie 1915 The Outcast as The Girl of the Slums
movie 1915 The Outlaw's Revenge as The American lover
movie 1915 The Victim as Mary Hastings, Frank's Wife
movie 1914 Apple Pie Mary as Aple Pie Mary
movie 1914 Brute Force as Lillywhite
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as Apple Pie Mary Smith
movie 1914 Judith of Bethulia as Naomi
movie 1914 Meg of the Mines as Meg
movie 1914 Moonshine Molly as Molly Boone
movie 1914 Paid with Interest as Mame
movie 1914 The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' as The Maid
movie 1914 The Birthday Present as Dorothy Ellis - the Wife
movie 1914 The Broken Bottle as May Ford
movie 1914 The Escape as Jennie Joyce
movie 1914 The Genius as Nell Graham
movie 1914 The Girl in the Shack as Jenny - the Wild Frontier Girl
movie 1914 The Great God Fear as Meta
movie 1914 The Great Leap: Until Death Do Us Part as Mary Gibbs
movie 1914 The Swindlers as Alice Rodney
movie 1913 A Girl's Stratagem as The Young Woman
movie 1913 A Timely Interception
movie 1913 An Adventure in the Autumn Woods as The Girl
movie 1913 Broken Ways
movie 1913 By Man's Law as Ann Calvert - Sister Owner
movie 1913 Fate as Mother, Loving Family
movie 1913 For the Son of the House as The Young Woman
movie 1913 Her Mother's Oath as In Church
movie 1913 His Mother's Son as The Daughter
movie 1913 If We Only Knew
movie 1913 Influence of the Unknown as The Young Woman
movie 1913 Love in an Apartment Hotel as Angelina Millingford, a Maid
movie 1913 Near to Earth as One of Marie's Friends
movie 1913 The Battle at Elderbush Gulch as Sally Cameron
movie 1913 The Girl Across the Way as Grace - the Girl
movie 1913 The Lady and the Mouse as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Little Tease as The Little Tease, as an Adult
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Perfidy of Mary as Mary
movie 1913 The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business as The Daughter
movie 1913 The Sorrowful Shore as On Shore
movie 1913 The Telephone Girl and the Lady as The Telephone Girl
movie 1913 The Tender Hearted Boy as The Tender-Hearted Boy's sister
movie 1913 The Wanderer as The Other Parents' Daughter, as an Adult
movie 1913 Three Friends as The Wife's Friend
movie 1913 Two Men of the Desert
movie 1912 A Beast at Bay as The Young Woman's Friend
movie 1912 A Lodging for the Night as First Mexican Couple, the Woman
movie 1912 A Siren of Impulse
movie 1912 A Temporary Truce as A Murdered Settler
movie 1912 A Voice from the Deep as On Beach
movie 1912 An Indian Summer as The Widow's Daughter
movie 1912 Brutality as The Young Woman
movie 1912 For the Honor of the Seventh as The Girl in Town
movie 1912 His Lesson as A Visitor
movie 1912 Home Folks as At Barn Dance
movie 1912 Just Like a Woman as In Club
movie 1912 Kentucky Girl as Belle Hopkins - Bob's Sister
movie 1912 Lena and the Geese as The 'Adopted' Daughter
movie 1912 Man's Genesis as Lillywhite
movie 1912 The Civilian as Ethel Brown
movie 1912 The Indian Uprising at Santa Fe as Juan
movie 1912 The Inner Circle
movie 1912 The Lesser Evil as The Young Woman's Companion
movie 1912 The New York Hat as Second Gossip
movie 1912 The Old Actor
movie 1912 The Parasite as Madge Adams - Fred's Sister
movie 1912 The Sands of Dee as Mary
movie 1912 The School Teacher and the Waif as Schoolgirl
movie 1912 The Spirit Awakened as The Renegade Farmhand's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Those Hicksville Boys as At Party
movie 1912 Two Daughters of Eve
movie 1912 When Kings Were the Law as At Court
movie 1911 Fighting Blood
movie 1910 Ramona
movie 1910 Serious Sixteen

Mae Marsh on Youtube

1916 Intolerance (Mae Marsh _ Robert Harron _ Lillian Gish)

The Civil War divides friends and destroys families, but that's nothing compared to the anarchy in the black-ruled South after the war. Cast Lillian Gish ......

The story is from the Biblical Book of Judith. During the siege of the Jewish city of Bethulia by the Assyrians, a widow named Judith has a plan to stop the ... Ira H. Gallen Video Resources 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023 (212) 724 - 7055 ...