Marc Warren

Marc Warren Filmography

movie 2014 Dreams1997 as Foster
movie 2013 Hardwire as Nick
movie 2011 Wild Bill as Adam
movie 2010 Do Elephants Pray? as Marrlen
tv movie 2010 Touched by Frost: Goodbye Jack as Himself - Narrator
tv movie 2010 Worried About the Boy as Steve Strange
tv movie 2009 Almost Famous II
tv movie 2009 The Real Casino Royale as Narrator
video movie 2008 Hustle the Hard Way as Himself
movie 2008 Intercom as Simon
movie 2008 Wanted as The Repairman
tv series 2008 Messiah: The Rapture as Joseph Walker
tv movie 2007 Ballet Shoes as Mr. Simpson
tv movie 2006 Dracula as Count Dracula
tv movie 2006 Hogfather as Teatime
movie 2006 Land of the Blind as Pool
tv movie 2006 No Night Is Too Long as Dr. Ivo Steadman
tv movie 2006 Seduction School: Size Doesn't Matter as Narrator
movie 2006 The Lives of the Saints as Father Daniel
tv movie 2006 The Whole Hog: Making Terry Pratchett's 'Hogfather' as Himself
movie 2005 Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story as Hud
video movie 2005 Hellraiser: Deader as Joey
movie 2005 Hooligans as Steve Dunham
tv movie 2004 Agatha Christie Marple: The Body in the Library as Captain Ainsworth
tv movie 2004 Pretending to Be Judith as Hugo
movie 2004 Secrets as Harry
movie 2003 Perfect as Doug
tv movie 2003 Reversals as Dr. Chris Singleton
movie 2003 Song for a Raggy Boy as Brother Mac
movie 2003 The Principles of Lust as Billy
movie 2003 The Silent Treatment as Bill
movie 2002 Al's Lads as Jimmy
movie 2002 f2point8 as James
movie 2002 Revengers Tragedy as Supervacuo
tv series 2002 NCS Manhunt as Laurence Bright
tv movie 2001 Men Only as Mac
tv movie 2001 The Bombmaker as Quinn
movie 2000 Free Spirits as Cokehead
tv movie 1998 Alice Through the Looking Glass as Tweedle-Dee
movie 1998 B. Monkey as Terence
movie 1998 Dad Savage as Vic
movie 1997 Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis as Clint
video movie 1997 Sharpe: The Legend as Rymer
tv movie 1996 Hidden in Silence as Lubic
movie 1996 Shine as Ray
movie 1995 Boston Kickout as Robert
tv movie 1995 Prime Suspect: Scent of Darkness as DC Andy Dyson
tv movie 1995 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Attack of the Hawkmen as Baron Von Richthofen
tv movie 1994 Sharpe's Company as Rymer
tv movie 1992 An Ungentlemanly Act as Tony Hunt
tv movie 1991 Gawain and the Green Knight as King Arthur