Margaret Livingston

Margaret Livingston (November 25, 1900 ? December 13, 1985) was an American film actress, most notable for her work during the silent film era. She was sometimes credited as Marguerite Livingston or Margaret Livingstone. ... more on Wikipedia

Margaret Livingston Filmography

movie 1934 Social Register as Gloria
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Molly
movie 1931 Broadminded as Mabel Robinson
movie 1931 God's Gift to Women as Tania Donaliff
movie 1931 Kiki as Paulette Vaile
movie 1931 Smart Money as District Attorney's Girl
movie 1931 The Lady Refuses as Berthine Waller
movie 1930 Big Money as Mae
movie 1930 For the Love o' Lil as Eleanor Cartwright
movie 1930 Murder on the Roof as Marcia
movie 1930 What a Widow! as Valli
movie 1929 Acquitted as Marian
movie 1929 Bellamy Trial as Mimi Bellamy
movie 1929 Innocents of Paris as Madame Renard
movie 1929 Seven Keys to Baldpate as Myra Thornhill
movie 1929 The Canary Murder Case as Double for Margaret O'Dell
movie 1929 The Charlatan as Florence Talbot
movie 1929 The Girl Who Wouldn't Wait as Judy Judd
movie 1929 The Last Warning as Evalynda Hendon
movie 1929 The Office Scandal as Lillian Tracy
movie 1929 Tonight at Twelve as Nan Stoddard
movie 1929 Two O'Clock in the Morning
movie 1928 A Woman's Way
movie 1928 Beware of Bachelors as Miss Pfeffer, the vamp
movie 1928 His Private Life as Yvette Bérgere
movie 1928 Mad Hour as Maid
movie 1928 Say It with Sables as Irene Gordon
movie 1928 The Apache as Sonya
movie 1928 The Scarlet Dove as Olga
movie 1928 The Way of the Strong as Marie
movie 1928 Through the Breakers as Diane Garrett
movie 1928 Wheel of Chance as Josie Drew
movie 1927 Lightning as Dot Deal
movie 1927 Married Alive as Amy Duxbury
movie 1927 Secret Studio as Nina Clark
movie 1927 Slaves of Beauty as Goldie
movie 1927 Streets of Shanghai as Sadie
movie 1927 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans as The Woman From the City
movie 1927 The American Beauty as Mrs. Gillespie
movie 1927 The Girl from Gay Paree as Gertie
movie 1926 A Trip to Chinatown as Alicia Cuyer
movie 1926 Breed of the Sea as Marietta Rawdon
movie 1926 Hell's Four Hundred as Evelyn Vance
movie 1926 The Blue Eagle as Mrs. Mary Rohan
movie 1926 The Yankee Señor as Flora
movie 1926 Womanpower as Dot
movie 1925 After Marriage as Alma Lathrop
movie 1925 Capital Punishment as Mona Caldwell
movie 1925 Greater Than a Crown as Molly Montrose
movie 1925 Havoc as Violet Deering
movie 1925 I'll Show You the Town as Lucille Pemberton
movie 1925 The Best People as Millie Montgomery
movie 1925 The Wheel as Elsie Dixon
movie 1925 Up the Ladder as Helene Newhall
movie 1925 Wages for Wives as Carol Bixby
movie 1925 When the Door Opened as Mrs. Grenfal
movie 1924 A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio as Herself
movie 1924 Butterfly as Violet Van De Wort
movie 1924 Her Marriage Vow as Estelle Winslow
movie 1924 Love's Whirlpool as A Maid
movie 1924 The Chorus Lady as Patricia O'Brien
movie 1924 Wandering Husbands as Marilyn Foster
movie 1923 Divorce as Gloria Gayne
movie 1923 The Social Buccaneer as Princess Elise
movie 1921 Colorado Pluck as Angela Featherstone
movie 1921 Eden and Return as Connie Demarest
movie 1921 Lying Lips as Lelia Dodson
movie 1921 Passing Through as Louise Kingston
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 19 as Herself
movie 1921 The Home Stretch as Molly
movie 1920 Hairpins as Effie Wainwright
movie 1920 The Brute Master as The Native 'Taupou'
movie 1920 The Parish Priest as Agnnes Cassidy
movie 1920 Water, Water, Everywhere as Martha Beecher
movie 1920 What's Your Husband Doing? as Madge Mitchell
movie 1919 All Wrong as Ethel Goodwin
movie 1919 Haunting Shadows as Marian Deveraux
movie 1919 The Busher
movie 1918 Within the Cup as Undetermined role
movie 1917 Alimony as Florence
movie 1916 The Chain Invisible as Elizabeth King