Marie Walcamp

Marie Walcamp (July 27, 1894 ? November 17, 1936) was an American actress of the silent movie era. ... more on Wikipedia

Marie Walcamp Filmography

movie 1927 In a Moment of Temptation as Alice Gage
movie 1924 A Desperate Adventure
movie 1924 Treasure Canyon
movie 1924 Western Vengeance as Mary Sterling
movie 1924 What Happened Next Door
movie 1921 The Blot as The Other Girl, Juanita Claredon
movie 1920 The Dragon's Net as Marie Carlton
movie 1919 A Phantom Fugitive
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Bucks the Trust as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Flirts with Death as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Gets Her Man as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Hits the Trail as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Plays Detective as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Rides Wild as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Turns the Tables as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody's Man Hunt as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 Tempest Cody, Kidnapper as Tempest Cody
movie 1919 The Red Glove as Billie
movie 1918 The Lion's Claws as Beth Johnson
movie 1918 The Whirlwind Finish
movie 1918 Tongues of Flame as Teresa
movie 1917 A Jungle Tragedy
movie 1917 Her Great Mistake
movie 1917 Patria as Bess Morgan
movie 1917 Steel Hearts
movie 1917 The Indian's Lament as Bess Connolly
movie 1917 The Kidnapped Bride
movie 1917 The Red Ace as Virginia Dixon
movie 1917 The Star Witness
movie 1916 A Railroad Bandit
movie 1916 Discontent as The Nephew's Daughter
movie 1916 Hop - The Devil's Brew as Jane Leech
movie 1916 John Needham's Double as Ellen Norbury
movie 1916 Liberty as Liberty Horton
movie 1916 Onda of the Orient as Onda
movie 1916 Tammany's Tiger
movie 1916 The Flirt as Cora
movie 1916 The Human Pendulum as Dorothy Markham
movie 1916 The Iron Rivals as Mary Worth
movie 1916 The Leap
movie 1916 The Money Lenders
movie 1916 Where Are My Children? as Mrs. William Carlo
movie 1916 Who Pulled the Trigger?
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Jungles as Col. Price's Daughter - the Daughter of the Jungles
movie 1915 A Double Deal in Pork as Nellie Packer - John's Daughter
movie 1915 A Fight to a Finish as Helen
movie 1915 A Romance of Hawaii as Marie
movie 1915 Chasing the Limited as Catherine
movie 1915 Coral as Coral
movie 1915 Custer's Last Scout as Marjorie Woodruff
movie 1915 In the Jungle Wilds as Mary Kemper
movie 1915 Ridgeway of Montana as Aline Harley
movie 1915 Terrors of the Jungle as Paula Deering
movie 1915 The Awaited Hour as Mrs. Frank Colby
movie 1915 The Blood of His Brother as Grace
movie 1915 The Blood of the Children as Alice - the Widow
movie 1915 The Circus Girl's Romance as Patsy
movie 1915 The Crime of Thought as Paula Nolan
movie 1915 The Fate of Persistent Pete as Daisy - the Duke's Daughter
movie 1915 The Heart of a Tigress
movie 1915 The Jungle Queen
movie 1915 The Lost Ledge as Margaret Wallace
movie 1915 The Mysterious Contragrav as Laline Coxheim
movie 1915 The Oaklawn Handicap
movie 1915 The Surrender as Anita Muldoon
movie 1915 The Test of a Man as Dorothy Paxton
movie 1915 The Toll of the Sea as Virginia Mendon
movie 1915 The Torrent as Marie Simpson
movie 1915 The War of the Wild as Marie - Wallace's Daughter
movie 1915 The Yellow Star as Claire Morton
movie 1914 A Daughter of the Plains
movie 1914 A Mexican Spy in America as Marie Sampson
movie 1914 A Nation's Peril as Marie
movie 1914 A Redskin Reckoning
movie 1914 Cast Adrift in the South Seas
movie 1914 From the Lion's Jaws as Alma
movie 1914 In the Wolves' Fangs as Marie
movie 1914 Isle of Abandoned Hope as Marie Rosselli
movie 1914 Olana of the South Seas as Olana
movie 1914 Our Enemy's Spy
movie 1914 Rescued by Wireless as Marie - the Missionary's Daughter
movie 1914 The Brand of His Tribe as Marie King
movie 1914 The Flash of Fate as Marie - Clifford's Boyhood Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Herself
movie 1914 The Half-Breed
movie 1914 The Jungle Master as Marie Rosselli
movie 1914 The Law of the Lumberjack
movie 1914 The Law of the Range
movie 1914 The Legend of the Phantom Tribe as Morning Star
movie 1914 The Lure of the Geisha
movie 1914 The Option as Helen
movie 1914 The Phantom Light as Star Eyes
movie 1914 The Silent Peril as Marie van Glahn
movie 1914 The Trail Breakers as Marie Rosselli
movie 1914 The Vagabond Soldier as Marie Clifford
movie 1914 Tribal War in the South Seas
movie 1914 Won in the Clouds as Mary
movie 1913 By Fate's Decree as The Woman
movie 1913 Memories as Life's Companion
movie 1913 The Doctor's Orders as Mrs. Martin
movie 1913 The Girl and the Tiger as Zahanna
movie 1913 The Girl Ranchers as May Houston
movie 1913 The Village Blacksmith as The Blacksmith's Daughter
movie 1913 The Werewolf as Kee-On-Ee, as a Young Woman
movie 1913 What the Wild Waves Did as Marie

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first werewolf film gone lost during a fire in 1924 Director: Henry MacRae Actors: Clarence Burton - Marie Walcamp - Phyllis Gordon - Lulle Warrenton co-Prod...