Marjorie Gateson

Marjorie Augusta Gateson (January 17, 1891, Brooklyn, New York - April 17, 1977, New York City), was a character actress in Hollywood films of the 1930s and 1940s. ... more on Wikipedia

Marjorie Gateson Filmography

tv series 1954 The Secret Storm as Grace Harris Tyrell #1
movie 1953 The Caddy as Mrs. Grace Taylor
tv movie 1952 Refresher Course
tv series 1949 One Man's Family as Fanny Barbour
movie 1946 One More Tomorrow as Aunt Edna Collier
movie 1944 Casanova in Burlesque as Lucille Compton
movie 1944 Ever Since Venus as Maude Hackett
movie 1944 Hi, Good Lookin'! as Mrs. Clara Hardacre
movie 1944 Seven Days Ashore as Mrs. Elizabeth Arland
movie 1943 I Dood It as Mrs. Alice Spelvin
movie 1943 No Time for Love as Sophie
movie 1943 Rhythm of the Islands as Mrs. Holton
movie 1943 The Sky's the Limit as Canteen Hostess
movie 1943 The Youngest Profession as Mrs. Drew
movie 1942 Dudes Are Pretty People as Aunt Elsie
movie 1942 Juke Box Jenny as Mrs. Horton
movie 1942 Meet the Stewarts as Mrs. Goodwin
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Mira Potter
movie 1942 Rings on Her Fingers as Mrs. Fenwick
movie 1941 Back Street as Mrs. Adams
movie 1941 Here Comes Happiness as Emily Vance
movie 1941 Honolulu Lu as Mrs. Van Derholt
movie 1941 International Lady as Bertha Grenner
movie 1941 Moonlight in Hawaii as Aunt Effie Floto
movie 1941 Passage from Hong Kong as Aunt Julia
movie 1941 You'll Never Get Rich as Aunt Louise
movie 1940 'Til We Meet Again as Mrs. Hester
movie 1940 Andy Hardy Meets Debutante as Mrs. Desmond Fowler
movie 1940 Escape to Glory as Mrs. Winslow
movie 1940 I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now as Mrs. Morgan
movie 1940 In Old Missouri as Mrs. Pittman
movie 1940 Parole Fixer as Mrs. Thorton Casserly
movie 1940 Pop Always Pays as Mrs. Brewster
movie 1940 Third Finger, Left Hand as Mrs. Russell
movie 1939 Geronimo as Mrs. Steele
movie 1939 My Wife's Relatives as Mrs. Ellis
movie 1939 The Spirit of Culver as Mrs. Macy, June Mother
movie 1939 Too Busy to Work as Mrs. Randolph Russell
movie 1938 Breakdowns of 1938 as Herself
movie 1938 Gateway as Mrs. Arabella McNutt
movie 1938 Making the Headlines as Muffin Wilder
movie 1938 No Time to Marry as Mrs. Pettensall
movie 1938 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 5 as Herself
movie 1938 Spring Madness as Miss Ritchie
movie 1938 Stablemates as Mrs. Shepherd
movie 1938 The Duke of West Point as Mrs. Drew
movie 1937 First Lady as Sophy Prescott
movie 1937 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 2 as Herself
movie 1937 Turn Off the Moon as Myrtle Tweep
movie 1937 Vogues of 1938 as Mrs. George Curtis-Lemke
movie 1937 We Have Our Moments as Mrs. Rutherford
movie 1936 Anthony Adverse
movie 1936 Arizona Mahoney as Safroney Jones
movie 1936 Big Brown Eyes as Mrs. Chesley Cole
movie 1936 Private Number as Mrs. Winfield
movie 1936 The First Baby as Mrs. Wells
movie 1936 The Gentleman from Louisiana as Fay Costigan
movie 1936 The Man I Marry as Eloise Hartley
movie 1936 The Milky Way as Mrs. E. Winthrop LeMoyne
movie 1936 Three Married Men as Clara
movie 1936 Wife vs. Secretary as Eve Merritt
movie 1935 Goin' to Town as Mrs. Crane Brittony
movie 1935 His Family Tree as Margaret 'Maggie' Murfree - aka Murphy
movie 1935 Your Uncle Dudley as Mabel Dixon
movie 1934 Big Hearted Herbert as Amy Goodrich
movie 1934 Chained as Mrs. Louise Fields
movie 1934 Coming-Out Party as Mrs. Ada Stanhope
movie 1934 Down to Their Last Yacht as Mrs. Geoffrey Colt-Stratton
movie 1934 Gentlemen Are Born as Mrs. Harper
movie 1934 Happiness Ahead as Mrs. Bradford
movie 1934 Hi, Nellie! as Canfield
movie 1934 Million Dollar Ransom as Elita
movie 1934 Operator 13 as Mrs. Shackleford
movie 1934 Side Streets as Mrs. Thatcher
movie 1933 Blind Adventure as Mrs. Grace Thorne
movie 1933 Bureau of Missing Persons as Mrs. Paul
movie 1933 Cocktail Hour as Mrs. Pat Lawton
movie 1933 Employees' Entrance as Mrs. Hickox
movie 1933 Fog
movie 1933 Lady Killer as Mrs. Marley
movie 1933 Let's Fall in Love as Agatha
movie 1933 Lilly Turner as Mrs. Bessie 'Ma' McGill
movie 1933 Melody Cruise as Mrs. Grace Wells
movie 1933 The King's Vacation as Helen
movie 1933 The World Changes as Mrs. Clinton
movie 1933 Walls of Gold as Cassie Street
movie 1932 Okay, America! as Mrs. Herbert Wright
movie 1932 Silver Dollar as Mrs. Adams
movie 1932 Society Girl as Alice Converse
movie 1932 Street of Women as Lois Baldwin
movie 1932 Thirteen Women as Hazel's Travel Companion
movie 1931 Beloved Bachelor as Hortense Cole
movie 1931 Husband's Holiday as Loretta
movie 1931 The False Madonna as Rose
movie 1931 Working Girls as Modiste

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