Mark Booker

Mark Booker Filmography

movie 2014 Fields of the Dead as Trent
movie 2014 She Lives Her Life as Ron Stoner
movie 2013 Culture Shock as Jackrabbit
video movie 2012 Battle at Shiloh: The Devil's Own Two Days as Oliver Boardman
movie 2012 Lucid as Tobey
movie 2012 PerfectMatch as Aiden
movie 2012 The Pyrex Glitch as Rod Serling
movie 2012 The Winter as The Husband
movie 2011 Camp Casserole as Himself
movie 2011 Lucky as Physical Therapist
movie 2011 Soap on a Rope as Jerry
movie 2011 The Casserole Club as Leslie Holleran
movie 2010 Bane as Bruce
movie 2010 Leah and Avery as Avery
movie 2010 Reservations as David
movie 2010 Way to Go, Christine! as The Boss
movie 2009 Blue Window as Jake
video movie 2009 F. Word Pizza as Sex Friend
movie 2009 For Love of Amy as Officer #2
movie 2009 Love Owls as Greg
video movie 2009 Wamego: Ultimatum as Himself
movie 2008 Imitation Life as Ryan Forrester
movie 2008 Lovely, Still as Harold
movie 2008 The Wretched as Trent
movie 2008 Watch Out as The Waiter
video movie 2007 Rock Salad as Vladye
movie 2007 Independence

Mark Booker on Youtube

Fields of the Dead Official Trailer 1 for the Horror Movie directed by Daniel B. Iske and starring Lara Adkins, Mark Booker, Mike Delange Click to Subscribe:...

Actor Mark Booker takes a break from filming Steve Balderson's movie "The Casserole Club" to dish with host Garrett Swann about relationships, food and more.

More info: Watch Lovely Still Trailer with Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn, Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Mark Booker.

Trailer for the indie short film Way to go, Christine! Written and Directed by Mark Thimijan. Starring Karis Yanike and Mark Booker. Christine is a 20 someth...