Mark Stouffer

Mark Stouffer Filmography

movie 2015 Tiger, Tiger
movie 2014 Advancing Man
movie 2013 Midnight Stallion
movie 2009 Creature of Darkness
movie 2008 Dog Gone
video movie 2008 Making of 'Creature of Darkness'
tv movie 2000 Search for the Submarine I-52
video movie 1998 Dangerous Encounters
movie 1997 Wild America as Ruffian
tv movie 1997 Tigers of the Snow
tv movie 1995 Secrets of the Wild Panda
tv movie 1993 Braving Alaska
movie 1987 Man Outside
tv movie 1983 John Denver: The Higher We Fly
tv movie 1981 John Denver: Music and the Mountains
tv movie 1980 Rocky Mountain Reunion
tv movie 1979 The Man Who Loved Bears
tv movie 1976 The Predators

Mark Stouffer on Youtube

(Recorded 6/25/1997), Guest Mark Stouffer, Director/Writer and Bill Dear, Director.

a spoken word poem written by mark stouffer in 2003.

"The Jungle Creed" Johnny is distraught and decides to snort sum uv dat COKE Scene from Deep Cover 1992.