Mark Tuit

Mark Tuit Filmography

movie 2011 Jack & Ruby
movie 2010 Blood: A Butcher's Tale as Delivery Guy
movie 2010 Commentary
movie 2010 Wave
movie 2010 Salvador's Deli
video movie 2010 Bunny Tales
movie 2004 Shelf Life as Pizza Guy
movie 2004 The Stephan Lugosi Story
movie 2003 The Snow Walker
movie 1998 Curiously Dead
movie 1997 Barnone as Phone book loser

Mark Tuit on Youtube

Check out for more Blood content! This is an interview with Mark Tuit, director of Aaron Douglas' new movie Blood: A Butcher's Tale.

The second teaser trailer for the feature film Blood: A Butchers Tale.

His first dance class.

Liam's 3rd Birthday party.