Martin Wilkins

Martin Wilkins Filmography

tv movie 1998 Classified X as Himself
movie 1959 Watusi as Wounded Native
movie 1957 Voodoo Woman as Chaka, the Witch Doctor
movie 1955 Panther Girl of the Kongo as Zimba [Ch. 5]
movie 1952 Bomba and the Jungle Girl as Gamboso the Usurper
movie 1952 Here Come the Nelsons as Singer
movie 1952 Lydia Bailey as Voodoo Priest
movie 1951 Elephant Stampede as Chief Nagalia
movie 1951 I'll See You in My Dreams as Stage Manager
movie 1951 Silver Canyon as Man Announcing Lynching
movie 1951 Sirocco as Omar
movie 1951 Tarzan's Peril as Worried Guard
movie 1951 The Harlem Globetrotters as Justice of the Peace
movie 1950 Tarzan and the Slave Girl as Serum Bearer
movie 1949 Africa Screams as Cannibal Chief
movie 1949 Bomba on Panther Island as Moki
movie 1949 Bomba, the Jungle Boy as Mufti
movie 1949 Rope of Sand as Batsuma Chief
movie 1948 Romance on the High Seas as Ship Waiter
movie 1947 The Macomber Affair as Bartender
movie 1947 They Won't Believe Me as Jamaican Sailor
movie 1946 One Way to Love as Porter
movie 1945 The Vampire's Ghost as Simon Peter
movie 1945 Zombies on Broadway as Sam
movie 1943 I Walked with a Zombie as Houngan
movie 1942 Law of the Jungle as Bongo
movie 1942 White Cargo as Native Prisoner
movie 1941 Tarzan's Secret Treasure as M'Hona
movie 1940 Congo Maisie as Zia
movie 1939 The Real Glory as Moro Warrior
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as Native Guide

Martin Wilkins on Youtube

A short behind the scenes of Martin Wilkins from Wight Photography working at a wedding at Northwood House, Cowes in September 2012.

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