Mary Fuller

Mary Fuller (Mary Claire Fuller) (October 5, 1888 ? December 9, 1973) was an American stage and silent film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Mary Fuller Filmography

movie 1931 Stars of Yesterday as Herself
movie 1917 Public Be Damned as Marion Fernley
movie 1917 The Beautiful Impostor
movie 1917 The Long Trail as Louise Graham
movie 1917 The Untamed
movie 1917 To the Highest Bidder
movie 1916 A Sea Mystery as Mary
movie 1916 A Splash of Local Color
movie 1916 Behind the Veil
movie 1916 Cheaters
movie 1916 Love's Masquerade
movie 1916 Madame Cubist as Madame Cubist
movie 1916 Mother's Guiding Hand
movie 1916 Stolen Honors
movie 1916 The Garden of Shadows
movie 1916 The Girl Who Feared Daylight
movie 1916 The Heart of a Mermaid as Algae - the Little Mermaid
movie 1916 The Huntress of Men as The Huntress
movie 1916 The Limousine Mystery
movie 1916 The Little Fraud as Joan
movie 1916 The Scarlet Mark
movie 1916 The Strength of the Weak as Pauline D'Arcy
movie 1916 The Three Wishes
movie 1916 The Trail of Chance
movie 1916 Thrown to the Lions as Linnie Carter
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Nile as Anaioe aka The Sphinx
movie 1915 A Witch of Salem Town as Desire
movie 1915 Circus Mary as Mary Elton
movie 1915 Everygirl as Everygirl
movie 1915 His Guardian Angel
movie 1915 Jeanne of the Woods as Jeanne Fournir
movie 1915 Li'l Nor'wester as Antone - Li'l Nor'wester
movie 1915 Mary's Duke as Mary McGuire
movie 1915 My Lady High and Mighty as Lady Mary
movie 1915 The Bribe as Mary Whiting - the Judge's Daughter
movie 1915 The Counterfeit
movie 1915 The Girl Who Had a Soul
movie 1915 The Golden Spider as Joan
movie 1915 The Honor of the Ormsbys as Mary Hempden of the Folly Theatre
movie 1915 The Judgment of Men as Mary
movie 1915 The Laugh That Died as Carlotta
movie 1915 The Little White Violet as Violet
movie 1915 The Master Mummer as Princess Isobelle
movie 1915 The Rustle of a Skirt as Marietta Carew
movie 1915 The Tale of the 'C' as Mary Carpenter
movie 1915 The Taming of Mary as Mary Schuyler
movie 1915 The Unhidden Treasure as Phyllis Bacon
movie 1915 The Woman Who Lied as Cleo Martell
movie 1915 Under Southern Skies as Lelia Crofton
movie 1914 A Girl of the People as Hilda
movie 1914 A Lonely Road as Margaret
movie 1914 A Lonely Salvation as Steve
movie 1914 A Princess of the Desert as The Princess
movie 1914 Comedy and Tragedy as Yvette Bordeaux
movie 1914 Frederick the Great as Princess Amelia
movie 1914 His Big Chance as The Princess
movie 1914 His Grandchild as Joan Blair - the Daughter-in-Law
movie 1914 How the Earth Was Carpeted as Princess Zulika
movie 1914 Lost -- a Pair of Shoes
movie 1914 The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies as Dolly Desmond
movie 1914 The Heart of the Hills as Lizabeth Anne
movie 1914 The Heart of the Night Wind as Night Wind
movie 1914 The Man of Destiny as Cecilie de Cloche ForĂȘt
movie 1914 The Necklace of Rameses as Princess Ameena
movie 1914 The Phantom Cracksman as The Phantom Cracksman
movie 1914 The Viking Queen as Queen Helga
movie 1914 The Virtuoso as Helga Moran
movie 1914 The Witch Girl as The Witch Girl
movie 1914 When East Met West in Boston
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Wilderness as Annette Dutard - Jean's Daughter
movie 1913 A Face from the Past as Margaret Brown
movie 1913 A Light on Troubled Waters as Millie Sawyer
movie 1913 A Proposal Deferred as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Proposal from Mary as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Proposal from Nobody as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Proposal from the Duke as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Proposal from the Sculptor as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Proposal from the Spanish Don as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 A Race to New York as Mary
movie 1913 A Tudor Princess as Mary Tudor
movie 1913 A Way to the Underworld as Mary
movie 1913 A Will and a Way as Mary
movie 1913 A Woodland Paradise as Eve - the Poet's Daughter
movie 1913 Alexia's Strategy as Alexia Trexel
movie 1913 All on Account of a Portrait as Jessie
movie 1913 An Almond-Eyed Maid as Pette San
movie 1913 Elise, the Forester's Daughter as Elise - the Forester's Daughter
movie 1913 False to Their Trust as Mary
movie 1913 Fortune Smiles as Mary
movie 1913 It Is Never Too Late to Mend as Susan Merton
movie 1913 Joyce of the North Woods as Joyce Birkdale
movie 1913 Kathleen Mavourneen as Kathleen Mavourneen
movie 1913 Leonie as Leonie - a Model
movie 1913 Mary Stuart as Mary Stuart
movie 1913 Mercy Merrick as Mercy Merrick
movie 1913 The Ambassador's Daughter as Foreign Conspirator
movie 1913 The Contents of the Suitcase as Robinetta Gale - Jared's Daughter
movie 1913 The Dean's Daughters as Louise Wells - the Older Sister
movie 1913 The Elder Brother as Jean Lindsay - the Minister's Daughter
movie 1913 The Girl and the Outlaw as Agnes Norton
movie 1913 The High Tide of Misfortune as Mary
movie 1913 The Minister's Temptation as Mrs. Reyburn - the Minister's Wife
movie 1913 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
movie 1913 The Princess and the Man as Lisette - the Princess's Maid
movie 1913 The Prophecy as Countess Morowsky
movie 1913 The Robbers as Amelia
movie 1913 The Romance of Rowena as Rowena Travers
movie 1913 The Translation of a Savage as Lali - the Trapper's Daughter
movie 1913 When Greek Meets Greek as Portia - the New Stenographer
movie 1913 When the Right Man Comes Along as Julia Green
movie 1913 Who Will Marry Mary? as Mary Cuyler
movie 1913 With the Eyes of the Blind as Nora McLane
movie 1912 A Clue to Her Parentage as Mary
movie 1912 A Letter to the Princess as Mary
movie 1912 A Personal Affair as Ann
movie 1912 A Question of Seconds as Bonita - the Ranchman's Daughter
movie 1912 Alone in New York as Mary
movie 1912 An Unusual Sacrifice as Bart's Wife
movie 1912 Children Who Labor as The Wife - an Immigrant Mother
movie 1912 Fog as Liz
movie 1912 For Her as Mary Hart - John's Daughter
movie 1912 For the Commonwealth as The Laborer's Wife
movie 1912 How Washington Crossed the Delaware as Bess Rahl
movie 1912 Is He Eligible? as The Detective
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Mercy Pecksniff
movie 1912 Mary in Stage Land as Mary
movie 1912 Master and Pupil as The Master Artist's Daughter
movie 1912 More Precious Than Gold as Jean Nelson
movie 1912 Mr. Pickwick's Predicament
movie 1912 Partners for Life as Molly - the Wife
movie 1912 Politics and Love as Heenan's Daughter
movie 1912 The Affair at Raynor's as Mary
movie 1912 The Artist's Joke as Nell Travers
movie 1912 The Bachelor's Waterloo as The Bachelor's Waterloo
movie 1912 The Convict's Parole as Maud
movie 1912 The Cub Reporter as Molly Masters
movie 1912 The Dumb Wooing as Phyllis Boggs - the Young Miss
movie 1912 The Escape from Bondage as Mary
movie 1912 The Governor as Margaret Ward
movie 1912 The Harbinger of Peace as Dora Wilson - the Daughter
movie 1912 The Insurgent Senator as The Political Boss's Daughter
movie 1912 The Jewels as Hilda - Mrs. Thomas Taylor
movie 1912 The Librarian as Betty Gibbs
movie 1912 The Little Bride of Heaven as Carmelita's Mother
movie 1912 The Little Woolen Shoe as Nellie Prentice - the Wife
movie 1912 The Stolen Nickel as Mrs. Harmon - Billy's Mother
movie 1912 Thirty Days at Hard Labor as Beatrice Langdon
movie 1912 Tony's Oath of Vengeance as Pasqualina Carmetto
movie 1912 Treasure Island
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as Mary
movie 1911 A Card of Introduction
movie 1911 A Conspiracy Against the King as Cicely - Sir Walter's Sweetheart
movie 1911 A Modern Cinderella as A Modern Cinderella
movie 1911 A Sane Fourth of July as The Widow
movie 1911 A Stage Romance
movie 1911 A Thoroughbred
movie 1911 Aida as Aida
movie 1911 An International Heart Breaker as Belle Travers - the Heart Breaker
movie 1911 At the Threshold of Life as Miss Gray
movie 1911 Foul Play as Helen Rolleston - the General's Daughter
movie 1911 Girl of the Mountains as Gwyneth Lewellyn - a Girl of the Mountains
movie 1911 Her Brother's Photograph as Helen Morton
movie 1911 In the Days of Chivalry
movie 1911 Josh and Cindy's Wedding Trip as Cindy Snodgrass
movie 1911 Madeline's Rebellion as Madeline
movie 1911 Nell's Last Deal as Nell
movie 1911 Sir George and the Heiress
movie 1911 The Awakening of John Bond as Nellie O'Brien
movie 1911 The Cardinal's Edict as Juliet - Richelieu's Ward
movie 1911 The Daisy Cowboys as Millie Easton - from the East
movie 1911 The Ghost's Warning as The Millionaire's Daughter
movie 1911 The Girl and the Motor Boat as The Girl
movie 1911 The Lure of the City as The Girl
movie 1911 The Modern Dianas as Diana
movie 1911 The Professor and the New Hat as The Professor's Daughter
movie 1911 The Reform Candidate as Edith Sinclair - a Reporter
movie 1911 The Resurrection of John
movie 1911 The Silent Tongue as The Girl with the Silent Tongue
movie 1911 The Star Spangled Banner
movie 1911 The Story of the Indian Ledge as A Tourist
movie 1911 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of as Nellie Brown - the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1911 The Surgeon's Temptation as Cecilia West
movie 1911 The Switchman's Tower as Bill's Wife
movie 1911 The Test of Love as The Blind Girl
movie 1911 The Three Musketeers: Part 1 as Constance, the Queen's Attendant
movie 1911 The Three Musketeers: Part 2 as Constance, the Queen's Attendent
movie 1911 The Wager and the Wage Earners
movie 1911 Three Men and a Maid as A Young Orphan and Cousin
movie 1911 Trading His Mother as The Widowed Mother
movie 1911 Turned to the Wall
movie 1911 Two Officers as Helen
movie 1910 A Modern Cinderella
movie 1910 Arms and the Woman
movie 1910 Carminella
movie 1910 Elektra as Elektra
movie 1910 For Her Sister's Sake
movie 1910 Frankenstein as Elizabeth
movie 1910 From Tyranny to Liberty
movie 1910 Luck of Roaring Camp
movie 1910 Michael Strogoff
movie 1910 Ononko's Vow
movie 1910 Sisters
movie 1910 The Engineer's Romance
movie 1910 The Farmer's Daughter
movie 1910 The House of the Seven Gables as Hepzibah Pyncheon
movie 1910 The Lady and the Burglar as Mrs. Blackburn
movie 1910 The Peacemaker
movie 1910 The Princess and the Peasant
movie 1910 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Eliza
movie 1909 A Child of the Forest
movie 1909 A Rose of the Tenderloin
movie 1909 A Sister's Love: A Tale of the Franco-Prussian War
movie 1909 Betty's Choice
movie 1909 Bluebeard
movie 1909 Fuss and Feathers
movie 1909 Hansel and Gretel as Gretel
movie 1909 Jessie, the Stolen Child
movie 1909 King Lear as Cordelia
movie 1909 Lochinvar
movie 1909 The Foundling
movie 1909 The House of Cards as The Girl
movie 1908 A Jealous Old Maid; or, No One to Love Her
movie 1908 Leah the Forsaken
movie 1908 The Flower Girl of Paris
movie 1908 The Stage-Struck Daughter
movie 1907 The Ugly Duckling

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