Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm (born 22 March 1950) is an English actress. She is best known for being the first actress to play the character of Romana in the science fiction television series Doctor Who, opposite Tom Baker as the Doctor, from the 1978 - 1979 season known collectively as The Key to Time. ... more on Wikipedia

Mary Tamm Filmography

video movie 2011 Tomorrow's Times: The First Doctor as Herself - Presenter
movie 2009 Doghouse as Meg Nut
video movie 2009 The Cold War as Romana
video movie 2008 The Ties That Bind Us as Romana
tv movie 2007 A Class Apart as Mrs. Fills
video movie 2007 A Matter of Time as Herself
video movie 2007 A New Body at Last as Herself
video movie 2007 Defining Shadows as Herself
video movie 2007 Directing 'Who': Michael Hayes as Romana
video movie 2007 Getting Blood from the Stones as Herself
video movie 2007 Parrot Fashion as Herself
video movie 2007 Philip Madoc: A Villain for All Seasons as Romana
video movie 2007 Stones Free as Herself
video movie 2007 The Humans of Tara as Herself
video movie 2007 The Ribos File as Herself
video movie 2007 There's Something About Mary as Herself
video movie 2007 Weird Science as Romana 1
tv movie 2003 The Story of 'Doctor Who' as Romana
movie 2001 Amazons and Gladiators as Zenobia
movie 2000 Melody's Her 2nd Name as Alex
movie 2000 Sorted as School Mother
tv series 2000 Headless as Portia Loomis
tv series 1997 Tellystack
tv movie 1993 Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the TARDIS as Romana
video movie 1992 'Doctor Who': The Tom Baker Years as Romana
movie 1992 Pressing Engagement
tv movie 1992 Resistance Is Useless as Romana
movie 1987 Three Kinds of Heat as Piou
tv movie 1986 'Doctor Who' Who's Who as Herself
tv series 1982 Brookside as Penny Crosbie
movie 1978 Rampage as Julie
movie 1976 The Likely Lads as Christina
tv movie 1975 The Girls of Slender Means as Selina Redwood
movie 1974 The Odessa File as Sigi
movie 1973 Tales That Witness Madness as Ginny

Mary Tamm on Youtube

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