Massimiliano Cerchi

Massimiliano Cerchi (born May 26, 1972) is a film director and producer. In 1995, he opened his own film production company, Rounds Entertainment, which primary produces horror movies for a direct to video market. ... more on Wikipedia

Massimiliano Cerchi Filmography

video movie 2014 The House of Evil
tv series 2013 IndieHorror.TV Director's Chats as Himself
video movie 2003 Flight to Hell
video movie 2002 Holy Terror as Priest
video movie 2000 Blood Red Planet
video movie 2000 Carnage Road
video movie 2000 The Mummy Theme Park
movie 1998 Kendall Ransom: Bounty Hunter
video movie 1997 Hellinger as Mad Cowboy
video movie 1996 Satan Claus
video movie 1994 Plankton
video movie 1993 Brainmaster
movie Catch of the Day as Kip kensington

Massimiliano Cerchi on Youtube

Joined in progress (about 5 minutes in) with Max Cerchi the Director of Hellinger and the upcoming House of Evil 3D. From 2/24/13 on

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The NEW movie from veteran horror film director Massimiliano Cerchi.

Trailer for the movie Holy Terror. Produced and directed by Massimiliano Cerchi.