Master Toddy

Master Toddy is a trainer of Muay Thai fighters. He also has performed and choreographed martial arts scenes in movies. He is the lead instructor for the Fight Girls series. ... more on Wikipedia

Master Toddy Filmography

tv series 2006 Fight Girls
video movie 2005 Ring Girls as Himself, a Muay Thai Trainer
video movie 1996 Sword of Honor as Yoshimo
movie 1974 The Man with the Golden Gun as Martial Arts Student That Fights Hip's Nieces

Master Toddy on Youtube - The Master Toddy Muay Thai Training Series on DVD contains Master Toddy's unique approach to Muay Thai ...

MASTER TODDY'S ACADEMY this footage was actually a trailer to one of Master Toddy's Superfight shows of the late80's / early 90's sadly the film is a little ...

Friday morning training at Master Toddy's Muay Thai gym in Bangkok! Master Toddy masterfully shows how an Ajarn handles a class with light, controlled techni. Exclusive, old, rare footage of Haywire star "Gina Carano" doing a private muay thai training s.