Matthan Harris

Matthan Harris Filmography

movie 2014 As Worlds Collide as Xander
movie 2014 Ciaran the Demon Hunter as Jason
movie 2014 German Angst as Jacek
movie 2013 Chasing Skirts as Ricky
movie 2012 The Infliction as David O'Hara
movie 2011 Stok Stalk Stock as Georgy Porgy
movie 2011 The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy as Young Townsman
movie 2011 Trespass as Party Guest
movie 2010 Nothing Left as Michael Staves
tv movie 2010 The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist as High School Bully
movie 2008 A Tragic Assembly as Hasheen Mularki
movie 2008 Counter-Blow as Jimmy
movie 2006 They Came from Hell as Keith

Matthan Harris on Youtube

"Nothing Left" is an award-winning short film from writer/director Matthan Harris. It was shot in 2009 by Emmy-nominated cinematographer Cira Felina Bolla an...

Matthan Harris' Voice Over Reel.

The clips are from Pantera - "Piss" (2012), Subway (2011), Texas Senate Seat (2010), NOW Video (2010) and Brian Loncar & Associates (2009).