Matthew Feeney

Matthew Feeney Filmography

movie 2012 Best Man Down as Bartender
movie 2012 Monday Morning as Maitre'd
movie 2012 Profile of a Killer as Park Ranger
movie 2011 Good Morning, Beautiful as The Neighbor
movie 2011 Invincible Force as Himself
movie 2011 Lambent Fuse as Lt. Phillip Richter
movie 2011 Potpourri as Professor Winkle
movie 2011 Sister Mary as Chief Homer Bathos
movie 2011 Valor's Kids as Macem Soldier
movie 2010 A Broken Family as Minister
movie 2010 Grinning Faces as Writer
movie 2010 Phasma Ex Machina as Tom
movie 2010 Street Hassle as Older Cop
movie 2010 Why Am I in a Box? as Detective Lydecker
movie 2010 Wildfire: The Arabian Heart as Registration Clerk
movie 2010 Zombie Homecoming as Principal Portman
movie 2010 Faux
movie 2009 Dawning as Hunter
movie 2009 Harry Putter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets as Professor Squirrel
movie 2009 Health Freaks as Sammy Rocanter
movie 2009 IceBreaker as Sgt. Hoffman
movie 2009 Nobody as Clubber
movie 2009 The City as Instructor
movie 2009 The Show So Gay as Lucas' Dad
movie 2008 Empty Fuller as Store Cashier
movie 2008 Group Home as Cop
movie 2008 Killer Movie as Sheriff
movie 2008 Lament as Detective
video movie 2008 Sojourn as Coach
movie 2008 The Completely Remarkable, Utterly Fabulous Transformation of a Regular Joe as Karaoke Canyon Patron
movie 2008 Windows and Walls as Police Officer
movie 2008 Woman City as The General
movie 2008 Fade
movie 2007 Arnolds Park as Police Officer
movie 2007 Draft Day as Paul Arnold
movie 2007 Harry Putter and the Sorcerer's Phone as Professor Squirrel
movie 2007 Memorizing Dates as Louis
movie 2007 Stimulus as Rev. Buddy Baker
movie 2006 Doomed to Consume as Sheriff Zombie
movie 2006 Fall Into Me as Michael
movie 2006 For a List of Ways Technology Has Failed to Improve Daily Life Please Press Three as Abraham
movie 2005 Factotum as Harry Berglund
movie 2005 Friction as Frank
movie 2005 Not a King's Ransom as Highball
movie 2005 Sweet Land as Farmer
movie 2005 Anthill
movie 2004 Almelund as Sheriff
movie 2004 Justice as Prosecutor
tv movie 2004 Life Without Bail as Rick Lansky
movie 2004 Stealing Summer as Bruce
video movie 2004 The Final Frontier Revisited as Chief Engineer O'Malley
movie 2004 Trekkies 2 as Chief Engineer O'Malley
movie 2001 Herman U.S.A. as Man in Cafe
movie 2001 Jurisprejudice as Sportsman Juror
video movie 2000 Williams & Ree: The Movie II - Totem ReeCall as Spiro Coldreign
movie 1996 Jingle All the Way as Curious Man

Matthew Feeney on Youtube

A trailer for an unreleased sticky notes application suite. Written as part of a university project. iOS Application - Ste Prescott Windows Phone Application...

Matthew Feeney on Piers Morgan's Confusion About Guns and Violence.

Matthew Feeney is a consultant with the IEA and a former member of staff a Liberal Democrat Headquarters, though speaking here in a personal capacity.

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