Matthew James Gulbranson

Matthew James Gulbranson Filmography

movie 2015 Kickback as Dimitry
movie 2014 Anchor Baby as Jack Hunter
movie 2014 Axe to Grind as Peter Burgess
movie 2014 Judge Ice as Rocks
movie 2014 Malice: Metamorphosis as Jed Spry
movie 2014 Periphery as Randy Cross
movie 2014 The Advocate as Detective Mars
movie 2014 White Crows as FBI Agent #4
movie 2014 Heated Rivalry
tv movie 2013 Anatomy of Violence as Convict #1
movie 2013 Mysterious Prison as Mark
movie 2013 October Swim with Aquaman as Interviewer
movie 2013 The Working Spirit as Sunny
movie 2012 2:15 as President
movie 2012 Battery Acid as Mr. Branson
movie 2012 Electio as Hank Pomeroy
movie 2012 Frozen Peas as Brad
tv movie 2012 Game Change as Washington Post Reporter
movie 2012 Silver Linings Playbook as Father
tv movie 2012 Song of Roland as Kelly McKinnon
movie 2012 The Haunting of Pearson Place as Dr. Brasso
movie 2012 The Pharmacist as Hal
movie 2011 Beta to the Max as Mark
movie 2011 Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best as Biker Dude
movie 2011 Tissue as Reznor
movie 2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon as Whitehouse Staff
video movie 2011 The Slate: Casting by Larry Donovan
tv movie 2010 Budz as Rick Daniels
movie 2010 Coco Cobana as Eric Swenson
movie 2010 Hard to Be Me as Executive
movie 2010 How Do You Know as Runner
movie 2010 King's Queen as Dave
movie 2010 Ninjas vs. Vampires as Gothic Vampire
movie 2010 Salt as CIA Agent
movie 2010 The Consent as Dom
movie 2010 The Shoebox as Senator Boyd
movie 2010 This Is... Stephanie as Narrator
tv movie 2010 Unanswered Prayers as Salsa Dancer
movie 2010 Who's the Stiff? as Jim
tv movie 2009 Body Politic as Army Officer
movie 2009 Sinuous Bodies as Sasha's Dad
movie 2009 State of Play as Collins' Driver
movie 2008 Body of Lies as Predator Operator Langley #2
movie 2008 Burn After Reading as Midwestern Tourist
tv series 2008 John Adams as Militia Leader
movie 2002 Cash Cowboy
movie 2000 The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle as FBI Agent
tv movie 1998 The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy as Alien Sentry
movie 1997 Most Wanted
movie 1996 Albino Alligator as A.T.F. Agent
movie 1996 Eraser as Russian Sailor
movie 1996 Mars Attacks! as Presidential Aide
movie 1996 Sgt. Bilko as 'Brass' in Vehicle
movie 1996 Spy Hard as Party Goer
movie 1996 The Rock as U.S. Marine
movie 1995 The American President as White House Military Aide

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This is a trailer promoting MALICE: the webseries -- a contemporary Gothic horror/fantasy series. Bi-weekly episodes start showing on YouTube January 15th, 2.

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