Matthew Tibbenham

Matthew Tibbenham Filmography

movie 2014 Chances
movie 2014 Deliver Us from Evil
movie 2013 Spontaneous Human Combustion
movie 2012 Sinister
movie 2011 Take Out
movie 2011 The David
movie 2011 The Knockout
movie 2010 Take Two
movie 2010 The File
movie 2010 A Complex Structure Known as a Relationship

Matthew Tibbenham on Youtube

This is a trailer for one of three short films friends and I shot in a two week time span. I'm expanding the story and creating a web series from the shorts ...

This is the teaser trailer for The File. Check out the complete short film at‚Äč19906885 or Writt...

Watch the full short film at: Take Two is a romantic short film about the one who got away. One night two ...

Matthew Tibbenham is a writer/director living in Los Angeles, CA. He directs films, commercials, music videos, and sketch comedy. If you would like to hire h...