Max Bacon

Max Bacon is the former lead singer for 1980s arena rock supergroup GTR as well as the frontman for lesser known bands like Moby Dick, Nightwing, Phenomena, and Bronz. ... more on Wikipedia

Max Bacon Filmography

movie 1972 Along the Way
movie 1969 The Nine Ages of Nakedness as Egyptian
movie 1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as Orchestra Leader
movie 1967 Privilege as Julie Jordan
movie 1967 The Whisperers as Mr. Fish
movie 1966 The Sandwich Man as Chef
movie 1964 Crooks in Cloisters as Bookmaker
movie 1964 The Eyes of Annie Jones as Publican Hoskins
movie 1962 Play It Cool as Lotus Proprietor
movie 1960 The Entertainer as Charlie Klein
movie 1953 Take a Powder as Maxie
movie 1952 The Gambler and the Lady as Maxie
tv movie 1949 Cuckoo College as English Master
movie 1944 Bees in Paradise as Max Adler
movie 1944 Give Us the Moon as Jacobus
movie 1943 Miss London Ltd. as Romero
movie 1942 King Arthur Was a Gentleman as Maxie
movie 1938 Kicking the Moon Around as Gus
movie 1937 Calling All Stars as Himself
movie 1936 Soft Lights and Sweet Music as Himself

Max Bacon on Youtube

Max Bacon - The Higher You Climb (1995)

1992 extended.

I'm sorry for this entire abomination.