Megan Follows

Megan Elizabeth Laura Diana Follows (born March 14, 1968) is a Canadian/American actress. She is most known to international audiences for her role as Anne Shirley in the acclaimed 1985 Canadian television miniseries Anne of Green Gables and its two sequels. ... more on Wikipedia

Megan Follows Filmography

movie 2014 Hard Drive as Barbara
movie 2013 Bar None as Tess Lavoir
movie 2012 Flight of the Butterflies as Narrator
movie 2012 Where Are the Dolls as Elizabeth
movie 2011 I Am Number Four as Supermarket Cashier
movie 2010 Girls on Top as Herself
movie 2010 Pooka as Rosey
tv movie 2009 Booky's Crush as Francie Thomson
tv movie 2008 2008 Gemini Awards as Herself
movie 2008 Small Voices: The Stories of Cambodia's Children as Narrator
tv movie 2007 Booky & the Secret Santa as Francie Thomson
movie 2007 Breakfast with Scot as Barbara Warren
tv movie 2006 Booky Makes Her Mark as Francie Thomson
tv movie 2006 The Great Polar Bear Adventure as Narrator
tv movie 2005 Shania: A Life in Eight Albums as Sharon Twain
tv movie 2004 2004 Gemini Awards as Herself
movie 2004 Christmas Child as Meg Davenport
tv movie 2004 Open Heart as Sherry Cardinal
tv movie 2004 Plainsong as Ella Guthrie
tv movie 2004 What Katy Did as Cousin Helen
movie 2003 A Foreign Affair as Lena
movie 2003 Dove Days: Journeys with Pakistan's Insan Street Theatre as Narrator
tv movie 2002 Ice Girls as Narrator
tv movie 2002 Live to Air as Narrator
video movie 2002 Someone Was Watching as Kate
tv movie 2002 The Stork Derby as Kate Harrington
tv movie 2000 Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story as Anne Shirley Blythe
movie 1999 American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith as Emma Smith
movie 1998 Reluctant Angel as Lisa
tv movie 1997 Major Crime as Joanie Wells
tv movie 1996 Under the Piano as Rosetta Basilio
tv movie 1993 Romeo & Juliet as Juliet
movie 1993 When Pigs Fly as Kathleen
tv movie 1991 Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann as Peggy Ann Bradnick
tv movie 1991 The Chase as Gloria Whipple
tv movie 1990 Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as Becky
movie 1990 Deep Sleep as Shelley
movie 1990 The Nutcracker Prince as Clara
tv movie 1989 Champagne Charlie as Louise Heidsick
movie 1989 Exposed
movie 1989 Termini Station as Micheline Dushane
movie 1988 A Time of Destiny as Irene
tv movie 1988 Inherit the Wind as Rachel Brown
tv movie 1987 Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel as Anne Shirley
tv movie 1986 Shattered If Your Kid's on Drugs as Kim Wilson
tv movie 1986 Sin of Innocence as Jenny Colleran
tv movie 1985 Anne of Green Gables as Anne Shirley
movie 1985 Silver Bullet as Jane Coslaw
tv movie 1984 Hockey Night as Cathy Yarrow
tv series 1984 Sons and Daughters as Margaret
movie 1983 Boys and Girls as Margaret
movie 1982 Jen's Place as Jennifer
tv series 1982 Going Great as Co host
movie 1981 The Olden Days Coat as Sal
movie 1980 Clare's Wish
tv movie 1980 The Mating Season as Laura McLain
tv series 1979 The Baxters as Lucy Baxter
tv series 1978 A Gift to Last

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