Melissa Melendez

Melissa Melendez Filmography

video movie 2005 Super Stud Spectacular Tom Byron
movie 1993 Double Play
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video as Aspiring Actress
video movie 1991 Anal Encounters 2
movie 1990 Nasty Girls 2
video movie 1990 No Man's Land 4: Hot Rocks
video movie 1989 Nasty Nights
video movie 1989 Shame on: Shanna
movie 1988 Baby Face 2
video movie 1988 Debbie: 'Class of '88' as Partygoer
video movie 1988 Kiss My Asp
video movie 1988 No Man's Land: An All Female Fantasy as Woman at Play
movie 1988 Pretty Peaches 2 as Crystal
movie 1988 Rich & Sassy
video movie 1988 Somebody's Dinner Party
movie 1988 Two Handfuls as Uptight Date
movie 1987 Breastography
video movie 1987 Deep Throat II as Judge Boonshaft
movie 1987 Doctor Lust as Hank's Date
movie 1987 Dr. Juice's Love Potion
video movie 1987 DreamGirls as Teacher
movie 1987 Escort to Ecstasy
movie 1987 Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing as Melissa Melendez
video movie 1987 Immoral Miss Teeze
movie 1987 Let's Get It On
video movie 1987 Party Doll as Jane
video movie 1987 Peggy Sue as Peggy Sue
movie 1987 Quicksilver
movie 1987 Seduction by Fire as Kelsey McGinnis
video movie 1987 Star Ship Intercourse
video movie 1987 The Beat Goes On
video movie 1987 The Pleasure Machine
movie 1987 Traci's Big Trick
video movie 1987 Woman in the Window
video movie 1986 Black to the the Future
movie 1986 Debbie Goes to College as Voting Booth Girl
movie 1986 Doctor Penetration as Barbara the Lobster Woman
video movie 1986 Fast Girls
video movie 1986 Funky Brewster as Funky
movie 1986 I Wanna Be a Bad Girl
video movie 1986 Innocent Taboo as Paula Miller
video movie 1986 Lottery Lu$t
movie 1986 Lovers Lane as Tina
movie 1986 Lust with the Stranger
movie 1986 Mardi Gras
movie 1986 Play Me Again Vanessa
movie 1986 Revenge of the Babes
video movie 1986 Rockey X as Jennie, Rockey's Wife
video movie 1986 Sexstyles of the Rich and Famous as Bianca Jaguar
video movie 1986 Sweet Cheeks
video movie 1986 Taxi Girls Part II: In Search of Toni as Michelle
video movie 1986 The Return of Johnny Wadd© as Jane
video movie 1986 The Video Store Vixens as Layme
video movie 1986 Women in Uniform as Writer
video movie 1985 Alien Lust as Chico
movie 1985 Bi-bi Love
movie 1985 Bootsie
movie 1985 Eatin' Alive
video movie 1985 Marina Vice as Candy
video movie 1985 One Night in Bangkok
movie 1985 Sex-a-vision as Holly
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 66 as Woman in woods
video movie 1985 Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy! as Debbie

Melissa Melendez on Youtube

Unknown performer, but great song for a porno flick :)

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Cortometraje NO ganador del Maratón Cine Átomo. Hecho por estudiantes de la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Protagonizado por Melissa Meléndez, Luis Daniel...