Mercy Hatton

Mercy Hatton Filmography

movie 1923 The Engineer's Thumb as Girl
movie 1922 A Master of Craft as Matilda Tapping
movie 1921 A Sportsman's Wife as Kitty Vickers
movie 1921 Christie Johnstone as Lady Barbara Sinclair
movie 1920 Her Son as Crystal Wride
movie 1920 The Case of Lady Camber as Lady Camber
movie 1920 The Romance of a Movie Star as Cynthia Justice
movie 1919 Tatterly as Ellen Tarrant
movie 1919 The Better 'ole; or, The Romance of Old Bill
movie 1919 The Sands of Time as Esther Conway
movie 1917 Broken Barrier as Flossie
movie 1917 The Laughing Cavalier as Gilda Beresteyn
movie 1916 A.W.S. as The Girl
movie 1916 Beau Brocade as Lady Patience
movie 1916 Rescuing an Heiress
movie 1916 Some Fish!
movie 1916 The Girl Who Didn't Care as Kitty
movie 1916 The Man with the Glass Eye
movie 1916 When Woman Hates
movie 1915 The Girl Who Took the Wrong Turning as Lucy Coventry
movie 1915 The Romany Rye as Gertie Heckett
movie 1914 The Harbour Lights as Dora Vane
movie 1914 The Incomparable Bellairs as Rachael Page
movie 1914 The World, the Flesh and the Devil as Lady Hall
movie 1913 In the Days of Robin Hood as Lady Christobel