Michael A. Martinez

Michael A. Martinez Filmography

tv series 2014 Plastic Movies Rewound: The Story of the '80s Home Video Boom
movie 2014 Kill the Writer
movie 2013 Beyond the Mat
movie 2013 The Outsider - Il Cinema Di Antonio Margheriti
video movie 2012 Of Worms and Dogs: The Making of 'The Scarlet Worm' as Himself
movie 2012 Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s
movie 2012 2nd Serve
movie 2011 The Scarlet Worm as Pat Garrett
video movie 2010 Alaska's Scenic Byways: Bigger Than Your Imagination as Himself
movie 2010 The Big Sleaze as Hopeless Actor
movie 2010 Anica II: Enemy of the Region
movie 2010 Angry
movie 2009 Hierarchy as Man Walking
movie 2009 The Minstrel Killer as Michael Lancaster
movie 2009 How to Survive
movie 2008 Chronic Town as Man in Bar
movie 2008 Primo as Dmitri
movie 2008 Xenobites as Victim
movie 2007 Rose of Death as Party Guest
video movie 2004 Cauldron: Baptism of Blood as Alley Thug
movie 2004 Malevolence as Alfredo, Student
movie 2003 Chimera as Fake Shemp
movie 2003 Big, Fat and Tacky: A Trip to Karloffornia
movie 2002 An Enraged New World as Attacker
video movie 2000 The Frozen Inferno as Russian Soldier
movie 2000 The Tony Blair Witch Project as Tony Blair
movie 1999 Escape from Chernobourg
video movie 1998 Attack of the Flesh Devouring Space Worms from Outer Space as Agent Keeler
movie 1998 Robin Hood as Narrator
movie 1998 The End of a Dynasty as 3rd Gunman on Grassy Knoll
movie 1997 Cosmic Space Ninja as Cosmic Space Ninja #3
movie Mondo Holocausto! as Roderigo Gutierrez

Michael A. Martinez on Youtube

Michael A. Martinez Mini Doc "Inkraft" Documentary Trailer Live From Barbershop 110 Inkraft Studios Arizona with Xavier Mookie Smith http://martinezinkraft.t...

Various footage I've shot over the last 10 years on a variety of cameras - everything from Beta to Red-One. I was director of photography on all except the h...

Compositing, rotoscoping, keying, tracking, fake gunshots, fake gore, painting, mattes, replacements, graphic animation, integration, etc as performed by me ...

Inkraft tattoos story mini documentary A quick look into Inkraft studios and the Unique Clientele - Michael A. Martinez and Jamie Gower, Zy, Mookie and Aaron...