Michael Balfour

Michael Balfour Filmography

movie 1992 Revenge of Billy the Kid as Gyles MacDonald
movie 1990 The Krays as Referee
movie 1989 Batman as Scientist
tv movie 1987 Casanova as Jailer
movie 1985 The Holcroft Covenant as Hard Hat
movie 1979 Resting Rough
movie 1979 The Prisoner of Zenda as Luger
tv movie 1978 The Nativity
movie 1977 Candleshoe as Mr. McCress
movie 1977 Come Play with Me as Nosher
movie 1977 Joseph Andrews as Ruffian
movie 1977 The Stick Up as Sam
movie 1976 The Copter Kids as Benny Baker
tv series 1974 You and Me as Himself - Presenter
movie 1972 I racconti di Canterbury as John the carpenter
movie 1972 Wreck Raisers as Mr. Trevor
movie 1971 Man of Violence as Cafe Owner
movie 1971 The Magnificent Six and ½: Time Flies
movie 1971 The Tragedy of Macbeth as First Murderer
movie 1971 Time Flies
movie 1970 The Adventurers as Detective
movie 1970 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes as Cabby
movie 1969 Hoverbug as Father
tv movie 1969 Pickwick as Roker
movie 1969 The Oblong Box as Ruddock
movie 1968 The Fixer as Boatman
movie 1966 Fahrenheit 451 as Book Person: Machiavelli's 'The Prince'
movie 1966 Kaleidoscope as Poker Player
movie 1966 Press for Time as Sewerman
movie 1966 The Sandwich Man as Workman
movie 1966 Where the Bullets Fly as Band Leader
tv movie 1965 Reluctant Bandit as Luigi
movie 1965 Strangler's Web as John Vichelski
movie 1964 Five Have a Mystery to Solve as Emilio
movie 1963 A Stitch in Time as Workman with Mallet
movie 1963 Echo of Diana as Newsagent
movie 1963 The Rescue Squad as Barrow-Boy
movie 1963 The Sicilians as Stage door keeper
movie 1962 Design for Loving as Bernie
movie 1962 She Always Gets Their Man as Runkle
movie 1962 The Fast Lady as Bandit
movie 1961 Pit of Darkness as Fisher
movie 1961 The Hellfire Club as John the Juggler
movie 1961 The Monster of Highgate Ponds as Bert
movie 1961 The Treasure of Monte Cristo as Pepe
movie 1960 Carry on, Constable as Matt
movie 1960 Make Mine Mink as Rowson's Butler
movie 1960 Sink the Bismarck! as Able Seaman - Lookout on 'Suffolk'
movie 1960 Surprise Package as Oscar
movie 1960 The Flesh and the Fiends as Drunken Sailor
movie 1960 Too Hot to Handle as Tourist guide
movie 1959 Look Back in Anger as Picky Shopper
movie 1958 Fiend Without a Face as Sgt. Kasper
movie 1958 The Big Money as 'Wilberforce'
movie 1957 Hour of Decision as Barman
movie 1957 Light Fingers as The Major
movie 1957 Man from Tangier as Spade Murphy
movie 1957 Quatermass 2 as Harry
movie 1957 The Steel Bayonet as Pvt. Thomas
movie 1956 Reach for the Sky as Orderly
movie 1956 The Secret of the Forest as Len
movie 1955 Barbados Quest as Barney Wilson
movie 1955 Breakaway as Barney
movie 1955 Gentlemen Marry Brunettes as Stage Doorman
movie 1955 It's a Great Day as Charlie Mead's Mate
movie 1955 One Good Turn as Boxing Booth Spectator
movie 1955 Reluctant Bride as Boxer
movie 1955 Secret Venture as Stevens
movie 1955 The Delavine Affair as Sammy
movie 1955 Track the Man Down
tv series 1955 Sailor of Fortune as Alphonso #1, Italian Ship's Engineer
movie 1954 Delayed Action as Honey
movie 1954 Devil's Point as Bennett, short henchman
movie 1954 Impulse as Sailor
movie 1954 Meet Mr. Callaghan as Coffee Stallkeeper
movie 1954 River Beat as Adams
movie 1954 Scarlet Web
movie 1954 The Belles of St. Trinian's as Bus Driver
movie 1954 The Diamond as Hoxie
movie 1954 The Sea Shall Not Have Them as Dray
movie 1954 Three's Company as The Drunk
movie 1953 Albert R.N. as Lt. Henry Adams
movie 1953 Black 13 as Joe
movie 1953 Escape by Night as Bearded Reporter
movie 1953 Genevieve as Trumpeter
movie 1953 Johnny on the Run as 'Fingers' Brown
movie 1953 Love in Pawn as Alaric
movie 1953 Park Plaza 605 as Ted Birston
movie 1953 Recoil as Parkes
movie 1953 Small Town Story as Turner
movie 1953 The Captain's Paradise as Customs official #2
movie 1953 The Red Beret as American Sergeant
movie 1953 The Steel Key as Sailor
movie 1953 Three Steps to the Gallows as Carter, boxing fan
movie 1952 13 East Street as Joey Long
movie 1952 Hot Ice as Jacobson
movie 1952 Moulin Rouge as Dodo
movie 1952 Top Secret as Jersey Sailor
movie 1952 Venetian Bird as Moretto
movie 1951 A Case for PC 49 as Chubby Price
movie 1951 The Quiet Woman as Lefty
movie 1950 Blackout as Tom
movie 1950 Cage of Gold as American Soldier
movie 1950 Help Yourself as Charlie
movie 1950 Her Favourite Husband as Pete
movie 1950 Prelude to Fame as Lucio
movie 1949 Don't Ever Leave Me as Jim Kennedy
movie 1949 I Was a Male War Bride as Male Billet Sergeant
movie 1949 Melody Club as Max
movie 1949 Obsession as American sailor
movie 1949 Stop Press Girl as Crook
tv series 1949 How Do You View? as Marvin Crum
movie 1948 No Orchids for Miss Blandish as Barney
movie 1948 Sleeping Car to Trieste as Spiegel
tv movie 1948 The Front Page as Woodenshoes Eichhorn
movie 1948 The Small Voice as Frankie
movie 1948 William Comes to Town as Stall-holder
movie 1948 Woman Hater as Reporter
movie 1947 Just William's Luck as Jenks
movie 1947 They Travel by Air
tv movie 1938 Libel! as Undetermined role
tv movie 1938 Smoky Cell
tv movie 1938 The Marvellous History of St. Bernard as Servant

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Fiend Without a Face Trailer - Directed by Arthur Crabtree and starring Marshall Thompson, Terry Kilburn, Michael Balfour, Gil Winfield, Stanley Maxted. An A...

The Return is a stage production looking at the issues faced by military personnel returning to civilian life. Using both professional actors and ex-military...

Título original Fiend Without A Face Año 1958 Duración 74 min. País Reino Unido Director Arthur Crabtree Guión Herbert J. Leder Música Buxton Orr Fotografía ...

A criminal flees from Tangier to London with forged money plates, leading to the gang he works for sending a dangerous woman to pursue him. Cast: Robert ...