Michael Berryman

Michael John Berryman (born September 4, 1948) is an American actor. He is famous for having a distinctive physical appearance, the result of Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare genetic condition which prevents him from developing hair, sweat glands or fingernails. By his own admission, in an interview for the DVD release of The Hills Have Eyes (the 1977 film that marked his breakthrough role), he was born with "twenty-six birth defects". He has appeared in several horror movies and other ... more on Wikipedia

Michael Berryman Filmography

movie 2015 Brothers Grimm: Pest Removal
movie 2015 Bruin Lake Aka Hell, Michigan as Dr. Leeland Sawyer
movie 2015 Potent Media's Sugar Skull Girls as Thaddeus
movie 2015 Stalker as Mr. Kent
tv series 2015 Hell Hunters as Lawrence Beasley
movie 2014 Apocalypse Kiss as David Horn
movie 2014 Cannibals as Uncle Albert
movie 2014 Dead AfterLife as Driver Joe
movie 2014 Death House
movie 2014 Erebus as Jonah Crane
movie 2014 Gear Man
movie 2014 Smothered as Michael Berryman
movie 2014 Stingy Jack as Jack Hawthorne
movie 2014 The Family Returns as William
movie 2014 The Mangled as Frank Bates
movie 2014 The Misfits as Pharmacist Baker
movie 2013 Army of the Damned as Crazy Earl
video movie 2013 Hollywood's Insider Secrets: Horror Techniques and Special FX as Himself - Host
movie 2013 One Please as "The Ice Cream Man"
movie 2013 Red on Yella, Kill a Fella as Dr. Pepperdine
movie 2013 Self Storage as Trevor
movie 2013 SuperZero as Raleigh
movie 2012 The Lords of Salem as Virgil Magnus
movie 2011 Beg as Clayton Starks
movie 2011 Below Zero as Gunnar
video movie 2011 Craven Images: The Horror Hits of Michael Berryman as Himself
movie 2011 Cut as William
movie 2011 Underground Entertainment: The Movie as Mike
movie 2010 Maskerade as Fred
video movie 2010 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy as Himself
movie 2010 Satan Hates You as Mr. Harker
tv movie 2010 Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster as Zombie Head
movie 2010 The Tenant as Arthur Delman
tv movie 2009 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Michael Douglas as Himself
movie 2009 Brother's War as Col. Petrov
movie 2009 Necrosis as Seymour
movie 2009 Outrage as Obeah
movie 2009 Smash Cut as Philip Farmsworth Jr.
movie 2009 Victory to the Underdog as Michael Berryman
video movie 2007 Brutal as Leroy
movie 2007 Dead Man's Hand as Gil Wachetta
video movie 2007 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield as Jack
movie 2006 Fallen Angels as Mort
movie 2006 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film as Himself
movie 2006 Horror Fans as Himself
movie 2006 Penny Dreadful as Gas Station Attendant
movie 2006 The Absence of Light as The Seer
video movie 2005 30 Days in Hell: The Making of 'The Devil's Rejects' as Himself - 'Clevon'
movie 2005 The Devil's Rejects as Clevon
movie 2005 The Storyteller as Cadaver
video movie 2003 Looking Back at 'The Hills Have Eyes' as Himself
video movie 2003 Mötley Crüe Greatest Videos Hits as Principal
video movie 2002 The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees as Himself
movie 2000 Rebel Yell as Bouncer
movie 2000 The Independent as Himself
tv movie 2000 Two Heads Are Better Than None as Chives
video movie 1997 Completely Cuckoo as Himself
movie 1997 Gator King as The Tech
movie 1996 Mojave Moon as Angel
movie 1996 Spy Hard as Bus Patron with Oxygen Mask
movie 1994 Double Dragon as Maniac Leader
tv movie 1994 The American Film Institute Salute to Jack Nicholson as Himself
movie 1992 Auntie Lee's Meat Pies as Larry
movie 1992 Little Sister as Teacher
movie 1991 Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time as Pilgrim #1
movie 1991 Guyver as Lisker
movie 1991 Teenage Exorcist as Herman
movie 1991 The Secret of the Golden Eagle
movie 1991 Wizards of the Demon Sword as Highway Man #1
movie 1990 Aftershock as Queen
movie 1990 Evil Spirits as Mr. Balzac
video movie 1990 Haunting Fear as Mortician
movie 1990 Solar Crisis as Matthew
video movie 1989 Gorgon Video Magazine as Host
movie 1989 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier as Sybok Warrior
tv series 1989 Oceano as Apartment Building Manager
movie 1988 Saturday the 14th Strikes Back as The Mummy
tv movie 1987 Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues as Cpl. Catlett
movie 1987 Off the Mark as Acme Labs Man
movie 1987 The Barbarians as Dirtmaster
tv movie 1987 The Highwayman as Chromedome
movie 1986 Armed Response as F.C.
movie 1986 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as Starfleet Display Officer
movie 1985 Inferno in diretta as Quecho
movie 1985 My Science Project as Mutant #1
movie 1985 Weird Science as Mutant Biker
movie 1984 Invitation to Hell as Valet
movie 1984 The Hills Have Eyes Part II as Pluto
movie 1984 Voyage of the Rock Aliens as Chainsaw
tv series 1983 Likely Stories, Vol. 3 as Man on television commercial
movie 1981 Deadly Blessing as William Gluntz
movie 1980 Co-Ed
movie 1978 The Fifth Floor as Mental Patient
movie 1977 The Hills Have Eyes as Pluto
movie 1977 Un autre homme, une autre chance as 1st Bandit
movie 1975 Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze as Coroner
movie 1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as Ellis
movie Beyond Fury as Sponge
movie Longwood as Reverend Smith
movie Wrath of Job
movie Zombificador

Michael Berryman on Youtube

Here's a rare trailer for the 1988 low budget Horror flick Death Spa, taken from the 1989 Gorgon Video Magazine VHS with an intro by Michael Berryman.

This is the trailer for Ruggero Deodato's CUT AND RUN. Be sure to visit our website at http://www.revok.com to check out more rare and hard-to-find DVDs and .

Interview with Michael Berryman at the 2012 SCARE-A-CUSE horror con. I asked him for an interview and told him it would only take 2-3 minutes and it turns in...

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