Michael Blackwood

Michael Blackwood Filmography

movie 2013 Joan Jonas: Reanimation
movie 2012 David Chipperfield: Form Matters
movie 2012 Lebbeus Woods + Steven Holl: The Practice of Architecture
movie 2012 The Artist's Studio: E.W. NAY
movie 2012 The Juilliard String Quartet: Keeping Beethoven Contemporary
movie 2012 The Practice of Architecture: Visiting Peter Zumthor
movie 2011 The Artist's Studio: Donald Judd
movie 2011 Two Artists: Andrea Zittel and Monika Sosnowska 1:1
movie 2010 Nakagin Capsule Tower: Japanese Metabolist Landmark on the Edge of Destruction
movie 2010 New York Dance: States of Performance
movie 2009 Cecil Balmond: Visionary Engineer and Architect
movie 2009 Georg Baselitz: Making Art after Auschwitz and Dresden
movie 2009 Germany's Cold War Cultures 1949-1989: Re-thinking the Art History of a Politically Divided Country
video movie 2009 Yoshiko Chuma: A Page Out of Order
movie 2007 Bernd and Hilla Becher: Typologies of Industrial Architecture
movie 2007 Hans Haacke: 4 Decades
movie 2007 Jeff Wall: Retrospective
movie 2007 The Imaginary Solutions of Thomas Chimes
movie 2006 Richard Meier in Rome: Building a Church in the City of Churches
tv movie 2006 Peter Eisenman: Building Germany's Holocaust Memorial
movie 2005 Ed Ruscha: 4 Decades
movie 2005 Gerhard Richter: 4 Decades
movie 2005 Gregory Crewdson: The Aesthetics of Repression
movie 2005 Joel Shapiro: 20 Elements
movie 2004 A Day with Zaha Hadid
movie 2004 The Cremaster Cycle: A Conversation with Matthew Barney
movie 2004 What is Minimalism?: The American Perspective 1958-1968
movie 2004 Noemie Lafrance: Noir - Site Specific Choreography
movie 2003 Aberrant Architectures?: Diller + Scofidio at the Whitney Museum
movie 2003 After September 11th: Reimagining Manhattan's Downtown
movie 2003 Bernard Tschumi: Architect and Theorist
movie 2003 Conversations with Philip Guston
movie 2003 The State of Architecture at the Beginning of the 21st Century
movie 2003 Alvaro Siza: Transforming Reality
movie 2002 Art in our Time: Toward a New Museum of Modern Art
movie 2002 Streb: Pop Action
movie 2001 Berlin's Jewish Museum: A Personal Tour with Daniel Libeskind
movie 2001 Frank Gehry: An Architecture of Joy
movie 2001 Sally Gross: A Life in Dance
movie 2001 Sol LeWitt: 4 Decades
movie 2001 The New Modernists: Folds Blobs + Boxes, Architecture in the Digital Era
movie 1999 Monk
movie 1999 Monk in Europe
movie 1999 Speaking of Abstraction: A Universal Language
movie 1999 Steven Holl: The Body in Space
movie 1999 The New Modernists: German Architecture for the 21st Century
movie 1999 The Once and Future Pariser Platz: A Square in Berlin Comes Back
tv movie 1998 Balanchine Lives!
movie 1996 New York Composers: Searching for a New Music
movie 1996 Reclaiming the Body: Feminist Art in America
movie 1995 Christo and Jeanne-Claude
movie 1995 Glen Tetley: Pierrot's Tower
movie 1995 Louis Kahn: Silence and Light
movie 1995 Peter Eisenman: Making Architecture Move
movie 1994 Musical Outsiders: An American Legacy
movie 1993 Education of an Architect: Voices from the Cooper Union
movie 1993 Kisho Kurokawa: From Metabolism to Symbiosis
movie 1993 The New Modernists 9: American Architects
movie 1993 The Sensual Nature of Sound: 4 Composers Laurie Anderson, Tania Leon, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros
movie 1992 After Modernism: The Dilemma of Influence
movie 1992 John Hejduk: Builder of Worlds
movie 1992 The New Modernists: 6 European Architects
movie 1991 Arata Isozaki II
movie 1991 Art in an Age of Mass Culture
movie 1990 Butoh: Body on the Edge of Crisis
movie 1990 Deconstructivist Architects
movie 1989 Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-Garde Architects
movie 1988 4 Artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman, Susan Rothenberg
movie 1988 Frank Gehry: The Formative Years
movie 1988 Tadao Ando
movie 1988 Retracing Steps: American Dance Since Postmodernism
movie 1987 Francis Bacon and the Brutality of Fact
movie 1987 Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown
movie 1986 Mies
movie 1986 O.M. Ungers
movie 1986 Ralph Erskine
movie 1986 Richard Meier
movie 1986 Stirling
movie 1986 A Composer's Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera
movie 1985 Arata Isozaki
movie 1985 Colin McPhee: The Lure of Asian Music
movie 1985 Empire City
movie 1984 A New Spirit in Painting: 6 Painters of the 1980's
movie 1984 Beyond Utopia: Changing Attitudes in American Architecture
movie 1983 The German-Americans: 300 Years in the New Land
tv movie 1982 George Kennan: A Critical Voice
movie 1982 Philip Guston: A Life Lived
movie 1981 14 Americans: Directions of the 1970s
movie 1981 Pablo Picasso: The Legacy of a Genius
movie 1981 We Were German Jews
movie 1980 George Segal
tv movie 1980 Hans Bethe: Prophet of Energy
movie 1980 Light in the West: Photographers of the American Frontier 1860-1880
movie 1980 Making Dances: Seven Post-Modern Choreographers
movie 1979 Robert Rauschenberg: Retrospective
tv movie 1979 Working with Einstein
movie 1978 Christo: Wrapped Walk Ways
movie 1978 Masters of Modern Sculpture Part I: The Pioneers
movie 1978 Masters of Modern Sculpture Part II: Beyond Cubism
movie 1978 Masters of Modern Sculpture Part III: The New World
movie 1977 Spoleto USA: A Festival Discovers America
movie 1976 Artpark People
movie 1975 Claes Oldenburg: The Formative Years
movie 1975 Roy Lichtenstein
movie 1975 Sam Francis
movie 1972 American Art in the 1960s
movie 1972 Andy Warhol
movie 1972 Jasper Johns: Decoy
movie 1972 Larry Rivers
movie 1972 Motherwell/Alberti
movie 1972 Robert Motherwell: Summer of 1971
movie 1972 The New York School
movie 1972 Isamu Noguchi
movie 1970 David Hockney's Diaries
movie 1970 Japan: The New Art
movie 1970 Jim Dine: London
movie 1970 Scenes Seen with Allen Jones
movie 1969 Christo: Wrapped Coast
movie 1969 The American Ballet Company: Eliot Feld Artistic Director
movie 1966 Hans Werner Henze: Summer of 1966
movie 1964 Hütet eure Töchter
movie 1959 Broadway Express

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