Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen Filmography

movie 2014 Mata Hari as Mike
movie 2013 Deep Dark Canyon as Randy Cavanaugh
movie 2013 Duke as Sgt. Roman
video movie 2013 No Half Measures: Creating the Final Season of Breaking Bad as Himself
movie 2012 Django Unchained as Tracker
movie 2012 Slumber Party Slaughter as Mod Man
movie 2012 Soda Springs as Larry
movie 2011 Apart as Teddy Berg
movie 2011 Brawler as Rex Baker
movie 2011 Echo Park Love Story as The Guitar Maker
tv movie 2011 The Perfect Student as Detective Walker
movie 2009 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever as Principal Sinclair
movie 2009 Camouflage as The Intruder
movie 2009 The Hessen Affair as Ben Cassidy
movie 2009 The Last House on the Left as Morton
movie 2008 Autopsy as Travis
movie 2008 Deadgirl as Clint
movie 2008 Dear Me as Andre Marceau
movie 2008 The Box Collector as Burt
movie 2007 Permanent Vacation as Hollerenshaw
movie 2007 The Death and Life of Bobby Z as Duke
video movie 2007 The Making of Self-Medicated as Himself
movie 2006 The Lost as Detective Charlie Schilling
movie 2006 The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided as Robert Johnson
video movie 2005 Before, During and 'After the Sunset' as Himself
movie 2005 Chandler Hall as Richard
movie 2005 Lethal Eviction as Lewis
movie 2005 Self Medicated as Dan Jones
movie 2005 The Work and the Glory II: American Zion as Robert Johnson
movie 2004 After the Sunset as FBI Driver
movie 2004 Kill Bill: Vol. 2 as Buck
movie 2004 Walking Tall as Sheriff Stan Watkins
movie 2003 Kill Bill: Vol. 1 as Buck
video movie 2003 Valley Girl: 20 Totally Tubular Years Later as Himself
video movie 2002 Jackie Brown: How It Went Down as Himself
tv movie 2002 The Pennsylvania Miners' Story as Robert 'Boogie' Pugh
movie 2001 Final Payback as Steve Ghallagher
tv movie 2001 Hostage Negotiator as Frank Foley
tv movie 2000 How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale as Franklyn
movie 1999 Gideon as Billy Ray Turner
movie 1999 Magnolia as Rick Spector
movie 1999 Me and Will as George
movie 1999 Natural Selection as Willie Dickenson
movie 1998 Letters from a Killer as Parker
movie 1997 Cupid as Mike Logan
tv movie 1997 Don King: Only in America as Boxing Spectator
movie 1997 Excess Baggage as Gus
movie 1997 Jackie Brown as Mark Dargus
tv movie 1995 Trial by Fire as Roger Gill
video movie 1995 True Crime as Earl Parkins
movie 1994 Beverly Hills Cop III as Fletch
movie 1994 Love and a .45 as Ranger X
tv movie 1994 New Eden as Kyne
tv movie 1993 Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story as Paul Makely
tv movie 1993 Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders as Detective Culbertson
tv movie 1993 Visions of Murder as Policeman #2
movie 1992 Adventures in Spying as Slater
tv movie 1992 Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story as Buck Barrow
movie 1992 The Player as Himself
movie 1992 The Waterdance as Biker #1
tv movie 1991 Perfect Crimes as Jack O'Neill
tv movie 1991 Shoot First: A Cop's Vengeance
movie 1991 The Taking of Beverly Hills as L.A. Cop at Roadblock
tv movie 1990 Bar Girls as Troy Cavendish
movie 1990 Kid as Harlan
movie 1990 The Godfather: Part III as Mask #2
movie 1989 Mortal Passions as Berke
movie 1989 Season of Fear as Mick Drummond
tv movie 1989 Shannon's Deal as Scotty Powell
tv movie 1989 The Ryan White Story as Harley
movie 1987 Amazing Grace and Chuck as Hot Dog
movie 1987 Less Than Zero as Hop
tv movie 1987 On Fire as Joe Leary Jr.
tv movie 1987 The Abduction of Kari Swenson as Dan Nichols
movie 1986 Echo Park as August
movie 1986 Iron Eagle as Knotcher
movie 1986 The Check Is in the Mail... as Gary Jackson
movie 1985 Private Resort as Scott
movie 1984 Night of the Comet as Larry
movie 1984 On the Line as Customs officer
movie 1984 The Wild Life as Vince
movie 1983 Valley Girl as Tommy
movie 1982 Forbidden World as Jimmy Swift

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