Michael Citriniti

Michael Citriniti Filmography

video movie 2010 Demonic Toys: Personal Demons as Dr. Lorca
movie 2010 Horses Eat Each Other
movie 2009 Conquistadork as Dr. Zawadski
movie 2009 Number Nine as Dr. Ranft
movie 2008 Broadway Bound as Dan Wackerman
movie 2008 The Undertaker as 'Earless' Ivan Petrov
movie 2008 Wake-Up Callz as Boss
movie 2006 A Broken Sole
movie 2006 The Shoemaker
movie 2005 Vito After
movie 2000 Night Crew as Quake
movie 1997 Hideous! as Dr. Lorca
movie 1990 Goodfellas as Liquor Cop #2
movie 1989 Cemetery High as William Shyster
movie 1987 Galactic Gigolo as Sonny
movie 1987 Psychos in Love as Weather Man

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Directed by Charles Band, with Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Mel Johnson Jr. A group of rival collectors of severely deformed freakish human beings and ...

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Clips from some of the films of Michael Citriniti: "Head of the Family" (1996), "Mystery Monsters" (1996), "HIDEOUS!" (1997)... and more. Representation: Ste...

Michael Citriniti Louise Lasser and Antony Marsellis Opening night after party for.